FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY | From flower to actual fruit, an inbetween of a pumpkin's life

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Last week, I wrote a post about the pumpkin flower and it seemed that pumpkin flowers can actually be eaten. By coincidence, late last week, I was presented with another stage of the life of the pumpkin.


This is the stage when the flower begins to bloom and start to shape into a pumpkin but not yet. This stage is like an in between of the flower cum fruit. And at this stage, the half flower and half fruit is cut off by the farmer and cooked as a dish.

Yes ! Would you believe it that this stage of the fruit is actually edible. It's known to many locals here in Binh Duong, 45 mins away from Saigon city as a common dish! Trying this dish for the first time, I was amazed just how good it taste.


The inside still white and creamy in taste, while the outside is all green. Doesn't taste at all like a pumpkin. I'm no pumpkin person but I enjoy this unique stage of the pumpkin.

Now, tell me if you have tasted this before or even knew that this stage of the half flower half fruit is edible.


If you missed my earlier post of Did you know that pumpkin flower can be eaten, be sure to click here and read more about it.

I'll definitely share more in my next post. Hope you enjoy my photo taken from my Huawei


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I approve of this plant-based posts.

Thanks so much !!
I'm glad to share such a rare fruit and vegetable combination

@tipu curate

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while I knew pumpkin flowers could be eaten, I have never personally tried them; and this recipe makes them look delicious!

Oh yes.. They are indeed.
I've seen the flowers sold in the local wet market but never the in-between of the flower and fruit!

I had no idea! That is quite astonishing and it looks delicious! I have no doubt it's very healthy too 🥭😍🥑

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Thank you so so much :)

Yes, pumpkin flower is edible. We used to incorporate it in some of our vegetable stews in the Philippine cuisine. Regards to you :)

Oooo... I never knew in Philippine cuisine that pumpkin flower is used.
I wonder why in my many trips to Manila, no one ever brought me to try ??

So neat to see all the different stages that one plant can be eaten! It's so funny that we get caught up in the same ways of eating and preparing things, but there really are endless variations!

Ure absolutely right!
This is my first time encountering a journey of a pumpkin's life.
I'm no pumping lover but I enjoy both the flower and the in-between..ha ha

the healthiest recipe resized.png

Looks so delicious. Both the flower and the inbetween-flower-and-pumpkin. We don't have it here in Malaysia unfortunately. Who knows in the future. =)

That's why it's so unique here and it taste really good.
Seems like lots of different flowers can be eaten too