[Fruits and Veggies Monday] Sambal Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes Recipe

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Maybe some of you feel not familiar with something sweet but served with spicy ingredients.

This time I will share recipes for Fruits and Veggies Monday. I call this vegan food recipe, Sambal Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes.



Information About Dishes

The combination of the use of sweet potatoes and tempeh served with sambal is a variation of the Sambal Tempeh and Potato recipes. Because in Indonesia the price of potatoes is more expensive than sweet potatoes, so I tried to replace potatoes with sweet potatoes in this recipe.

Indeed, the taste of sweet potatoes is very different from potatoes. But the use of sweet potatoes in this recipe for potato substitutes is not bad.

Sambal Tempe and Sweet Potatoes is suitable to be made for villagers who have abundant sweet potato harvest. Sweet potatoes also help to fill longer, making it suitable to be used as a substitute for rice if the villagers are having difficulty getting rice supplies.


Natural Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

  • Controlling Blood Sugar Levels
    Although it has a sweet taste and contains carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are safe for consumption by diabetics.
    Sweet Potatoes contain a low glycemic index scale. Sweet potatoes are able to modify insulin which helps control blood sugar. The fiber in sweet potatoes slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

  • Good for digestion
    The high fiber content in sweet potatoes can prevent constipation and accumulation of acid, thereby reducing the risk of gastric inflammation. Besides the vitamin B complex, vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene are effective for relieving stomach inflammation.
    High in fiber but easily digested so it is good for the stomach and small intestine.

  • Maintain eye health
    Vitamins C and A, and beta-carotene in sweet potatoes can support eye health.

  • Maintain Immunity
    Vitamin C and beta-carotene are strong combinations of nutrients to increase immunity.

You can read the full benefits of sweet potatoes here: Benefits of Sweet Potatoes


How To Cook Sambal Tempe and Sweet Potatoes

Come on, let's see how I cook Sambal Tempe and Sweet Potatoes. It should be noted that you can reduce the use of chili if you are not accustomed to the spicy taste.

Prepare two sweet potatoes, and a tempeh.



Here I use orange sweet potatoes. Then, peel and wash the sweet potatoes. After that cut the sweet potatoes into dice.



Cut the tempeh into dice too.



For spices, prepare 1 ounce of red chili, 3 cloves of garlic, 5 cloves of red onion, and a tomato. Then puree all the ingredients. You can use a blender or use a mortar tool, a traditional tool in Indonesia to make chili sauce.


Heat the oil, then add the chili (the spices that have been mashed. Add enough salt. When the chili is already fragrant, put the pieces of sweet potato. Add a little water.

When the sweet potato is half soft, add the tempeh slices. Then, cook until the sweet potatoes are tender and spices are fully absorbed.



Sambal Tempe and Sweet Potatoes is suitable for making side dish, or even you enjoy without rice. Enjoy while this dish is still hot.


That's my version of Indonesian recipes. Thank you to creator @vegansofsteemit @lenasveganliving and host fruits and veggiesmonday @plantstoplanks It's great that there is a vegan ecosystem in Steemit to further spread awareness of consumption of fruits and vegetables.




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Cool @anggreklestari 😉 you'd better create Sambal mustafa with that tempe and sweet potatoes too.. it will be so nice to eat anytime😆 .. but I never tried to mix tempe and sweet potatoes in this kind of sambal goreng... looks delicious😉 welcome to FAVM

What is Sambal Mustafa? Never heard this before 😂

Ini berawal dari coba coba. Ternyata enak lho. Kalo orang jawa kan suka manis, pedes manis gitu. Jadi ngeblend rasanya 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

Waduuhh.. aku nggak bisa buka postingan setahun lalu tentang sambal mustafa. Pernah makan sambal goreng kentang campur kacang dan teri yang dijual bungkus2an kalo dekat puasa? Mirip marning.. sambal goreng jagung ..cuma dia lebih kering saja😊. Aku pernah siy mau coba ganti kentang denga ketela atau ubi cilembu.. cuman belum sempat aja. Bahan sambalnya hampir sama gitu dah

Oh yang itu sering makan aku. Cuma aku baru tau kalo namanya si mustafa. Ahaha

Aku malah sering ganti sama ketela. Tapi ketelanya gak bisa dibikin kecil kecil, tapi dibikin kayak potongan keripik tipis tipis. Manteplah

Sesama umbi umbian masih aman kalo saling bertukar posisi di dalam sambel sambelan 😂😂😂

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Punya parutan buah yang kasar nggak? Biasanya kita marut timun atau buah2 serut lainnya pake itu.. naahh.. aku tuh biasanya marut kentang atau ketela untuk bikin sambal mustafa itu pakai parutan yg ukuran lobangnya paling gede itu.. hasilnya cantik, cuma musti hati2.. kan marutnya memanjang... sering makan jari😂

this looks so delicious, I wish I could get a plate of it now!

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day for you

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I thank you!

Tempeh and sweet potatoes--two of my favorites! Love this dish! I can only imagine how that pairing of sweet spicy is. I'm going to have to mark this one to try soon. :)

Indonesian people, especially for Javanese people very like sweet and spicy at once.

Thanks for stopping by 😊

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Omg.. this looks great. I love tempeh. So much!! Gonna make it. Thanks for sharing!!!

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In there, how about the price of tempeh? In here not pricey.

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That sounds yummy. What is a clove of red onion? I've never heard it referred to that way in a recipe. I've heard clove or garlic, but the onion is always portioned by a whole onion or a half onion, or sometimes a small or large onion. I love learning how things are done elsewhere!


In Indonesia we use "clove" for portion

Thank you so much for stopping by

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for the clarification!

I love tempeh and I am always looking for a new delicious recipes. This is definitely one that I am going to try. Well done my Dear 🍅😍🍅
1 Collage.jpg

Indonesian people love so much tempeh. Cheap food but rich nutrition and tastes

Thank you so much for having me on FAVM

Posted using Partiko Android

My pleasure Sweetie and good luck with your big job this week 🥑😊🍓

Beautiful dish @anggreklestari! Glad to have you join us, love your use of spice, your presentation is perfect :)

You are really inspiring me about beautiful presentation.

Thanks for stopping by 🍓

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This looks absolutely delicious @anggreklestari, congratulations on your win, well deserved!

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Thank you so much mam 😊

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