Learn about the nutritional value of apples

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Learn about the nutritional value of apples

  • Apples have enough boron, which helps keep the bones strong and keeps the brain healthy
  • Apple has flavonoid, which is antioxidant, it increases the resistance to the disease, heart disease
    And protects from cancer
  • As with other fruits, apple sugar does not only increase blood sugar As a result the patients of diabetes feel secure
    Apple can eat accordingly
  • Apple has no salt, so there is no possibility of extra salty salt from the apple
  • Apple has a little vitamin C So apple helps in preventing disease Moreover, vitamin C
    Helps to cure disease soon
  • Apple has plenty of water, so it removes wateriness, thirst and cools the body.
  • Fever helps in reducing it, so patients with fever feel good in apples
  • Mix honey with apple and remove it
  • Diarrhea helps to cure it
  • Muscle tone helps to reduce and lose weight
  • Reduces gastric problems

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