Rife Machine Technology At Home

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Have you ever heard of a RIFE Machine? We are using this device as one of the ways to treat my wife's cancer.

The technology was developed originally by a man named Dr. Royal Rife back in the early 20th century. He had amazing success with the process of using different energy frequencies to attack bacteria and viruses.

Today there are a number of companies making these devices that use the same technology only today its more advanced and precise.

For more information on Royal Rife and these devices, see this website.

Here is a video of our device that we use. ENJOY


Glad to see you back on Steemit! :-)

I sincerely wish your wife fast recovery, I wish her happiness and strength at this time.

I love brain behind these technologies; Royal Rife and these devices.

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Glad to see your up and healing well Jamie (hope I spelled that right)
Shalom to you all.