Wake up while it's still a choice

in friendship •  3 years ago 

Years ago I had a really good friend I could discuss anything with. On almost every subject we were either in complete agreement, or close to it.

But, one day he got drunk and called me up, tearing into me over my opinion of cops.

I don't even know why the subject crossed his mind at that moment, because we never really discussed cops. It was more or less an untouched topic, and for it to suddenly cause anger in him confused me. I don't really remember how I responded to him at the time, though. Probably like I would respond to any angry drunk spouting nonsense.

Well, fast forward about a week or so, and he calls me again. This time telling me that he always thought I was crazy for what I thought about cops and other government, but he now realized I was right.

The difference was that the evening before, cops had shown up at his door and treated him like a criminal; threatening him and tossing accusations. It was a wake-up call for him.

Why is it that so few people can see reality before it bites them in the butt? Why do they have to be violated before recognizing that others are being violated? It's something I have a hard time understanding.

I never want to be one of those people who ignores evil until it directly affects them or those they love. I don't have to be murdered to understand that murder is evil.

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"I never learned from a man who agreed with me." Robert Heinlein. i have no idea why people have to be attacked by a bear to learn to be wary of them. i have puzzled over this for along while. eventually i just learned to laugh AT people who do obvious stupid crap without thought, then cry about the results. it is probably mean. i can't think for anyone else though, and agonizing over the misfortune people cause for themselves is too painful. if someone genuinely wants my help, i'll help. most don't. some will change because they don't like being laughed at. if i come up with a better method i'll probably write a book. it may have something to do with most people being afraid to see reality as it is, because of the implications of their responsibilities in it. whatever it is, it is at least, well, can something be subconsciously willful?