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I understand your point about Litecoin about it's slow progress in terms of valued growth but I am on the train now because I held on Ethereum at $10-13 for months before it exploded, in terms of annual growth it was worth it to hold on for those months. Appreciate your videos and thank you for bringing on Carlos Garcia to get his perspective.

I agree with you about the Litecoin being a 'SLOW' investment compared to other coins which may move faster. I love the concept of a partnership coins like CG. Hope it will be cheap enough initially for even minnows to affort it. Cheers.

I love to have a conversation with you @craig-grant . I probably would sound like i know nothing, but i would love to hear all of your thoughts on blockchain and all the coins. Great post :)

I think it's a dope idea. The power is in the people that are GREAT and deserve it. The community clings to those that are great and that's putting the power into the people.

Damn that's powerful content.

P.S. It's true, most keys are dropped when it's not scripted or planned. It's gotta be natural.

Thanks for dropping this!


It is great that you brought on Carlos to share his views. I see you point Craig - too many coins without a real purpose. I also understand Carlos - some coins are slow but growing. However - as a finance man you do not want to wait. :)

I love this videos, the brothers here killing it and sharing the views...

Keep me updated with the progress, the idea is solid

Interesting conversation, hope for more information about that, nice vlog too!

Great conversation Bro. I love the view too. Enjoy the time there.

Well Litecoin is pretty good cos it got quite small transaction fees on it. LTC also works as test platform for upcoming BTC tech.

thanks for the video@craig-grant

So, litecoin OR Steem? ;P

No way I watched some of your other videos on youtube only a few days back, Nice video and some good info there. I think some people are moving into eth and ltc, Just in case this bip148 causes any problems, Also new exchanges are accepting ltc and coinbase now exchanges eth.

If btc doesnt work out its kinks then litecoin will eventually take over btc tranaction wise and a better use of currency.

when is the CGRANT coin coming out?