Fossil Mammoth Teeth 💎 Good Fridays Rock

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Happy Good Fridays Rock!


Alaskan cut mammoth
fossils, around twelve
thousand years old.
Breakup of the northern
ice, the last great


Perhaps a comet impact
mega melting, flooding
and a whole lot more.

Which tooth would
you choose?


Spring melt down!


The ancient agate egg!

And 3 John Denver Tunes



This Old Guitar


Sterling Alaska Rock Shop.

Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.



#fridaysrock by @nat-expressions



#rockhound & @rockhounds by @bitfiend

#ultraviolet #infrared by @solominer

#mineralmondays by @rt395

#tuesdaytunes & #nic by @snowyknight

#mountainmonday and #featheredfriday
by @keithboone

#shadowphoto by @melinda010100



Photos & Words by @shasta April 18th 2019 2:34 PM O'rock Alaska


Love that old agate egg!! Must be very expensive!

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She's priceless :-))

I love the mammoth fossils bud. I've got an itch to go agate hunting...certainly this weekend, but I want to do a live stream of it with my phone. Having issues configuring my phone to do this though!

Whoa a live agate hunt! now that would be cool to watch!
Hope there is good hunting weather soon, we got some
dusting of snow but then it melted taking some of the
old snow with it lol
Clang some rocks around in a can real load when your
ready to go live!! :-)

I can't figure out how to get a multi-stream going from my phone. Only thing I can think of is to maybe go live on vimm with my phone, or twitch (if vimm doesn't wanna work) and then full screen the stream on my comp, and multistream the phone broadcast that I full screened on my comp. Maybe it'll work!

You have rocks, moose and bear... All I have here is gravel , mice and squirrels .. :-)

OMG you have gravel mice and squirrels!!
I've seen you also have osprey, wild turkeys
and the Atlantic ocean! :-)

Wow! Fossil rocks and an ancient egg to boot. Nice Shasta. 💕

Aren't they just so cool, costly when cut and
polished. They look so much different when
found in their natural state. That would be
more rare to find than a moose next to a
boulder with a mountain behind it lol
Have a great day! ❤

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