Friday's Rock! - Rainbow Chalcedony

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While out in the desert last weekend I came across a rock shop. I got excited because if you are this far out in the middle of nowhere selling rocks you probably have some interesting specimens. Sure enough this guy had some material I had never seen or heard of before, Rainbow Chalcedony. 

The stone appears to be a jasper/agate hence the chalcedony, but the guy at the rock shop could not confirm it. He said the material comes from a mine 2.5 hours north of Tecopa in Goldfield, Nevada. The mine owner allows anyone to come dig for a fee. Unfortunately I didn't have time to drive up to Goldfield to go dig some myself.

The shop owner showed me a cabochon he had made from it and it looked spectacular. The banding and color combinations set it apart from other rocks. So I bought what he had left of it and headed home.

You never know what you will find out in the desert!

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That is really nice! Great colors!

It really is much prettier in person. I kick myself for not taking a picture of the cabochon the guy had.

That is some gorgeous stone!! Bought it all! I like that!! :-)

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Ya, you can see the chalcedony is separate from the Jasper giving it really cool patterns.

If I have the $$ on me and I find something interesting you bet I'm buying it all up! I have customers in Japan now that will then buy it all up from me! It's really cool actually because even though I am making good $ from selling it, I feel even better bringing it to people in Japan.

Beautiful piece of stone! Quite spectacular, it looks as if it is on fire!

Why are some Japanese people so crazy about stones?

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Wow, I can see the fire too.

I think Japan's long history of Shinto and respect of nature naturally leads them to appreciate stones more than other cultures. These rocks will be going to Japan!

No wonder! Some Japanese customers at my friends’ rock shop are crazy about Larimar!

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Like it!

That is a really beautiful one .. I really enjoy its various colours in it ^^

Thanks. I want to get a piece cut and polished so you can really see how cool that patterns & colors look when finished.

Nice find. Totally awesome what our Earth has to offer. Even if we don't exactly know what it is. Watever it is it is special and you have some!

Agreed. People know so little about the Earth and it's treasures. Thanks!

Agreed. People know
So little about the Earth
And it's treasures. Thanks!

                 - rt395

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow - absolutely stunning! I love this so much. For some reason gemstones always remind me of childhood - the thundereggs in museums, the cool and silky feel of them - very tactile. they always recall childhood for me!

Thanks @Riverflows. It's really hard to turn away once you are exposed to the world of gem and minerals. So many rocks, color combinations, patterns etc. Truly a wonderful world.

I can definitely see why you might get hooked! I watched a doco on Youtube about people hunting for them in Colorado - fascinating (I'm Australian).

Wow! That first shot looks like the inside of a shell, all iridescent-looking... like mother-of-pearl! :)

Hey @ackhoo long time. Yep, the refraction of light does that across so many stones. There is so much beauty in nature.