Fresh Five Writing Contest - The Pain That Comes With Beauty

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I found her there just laying in the long grass, barely covered by the thin veil she had surrounded herself in. the golden rays of sunshine glinting off her freckled yet pale skin. At this time and in this moment she is the elusive but absolute picture of beauty. Just laying there care free under the sky with not a worry in the world. Her blonde hair flitters with the veil in the gentle breeze, reminding me of days long passed. When we used to play here as young children, picking flowers and telling stories. Then how as teenagers we would sit here drinking cheap cider and watching the setting sun duck behind the hills.
But those days long passed us by and our time together became less and less as the years went on. She almost left town first, when her father tried to run away with her. But she was brought back, her mother was devasted that night but i couldn’t understand until much later why. Her husband died that night you see, he had been drunk when he decided to try and take both the girl and the car.
That night we met here and she told me what had happened. How her father was an angry drunk. How her mother wanted to run away and how she had wanted to run with her. In a rage her father decided he had to do something to stop this. So he bundled her in the car and together they sped off into the night. They didn’t get far, he lost control of the vehicle speeding into a brick wall.
God how i wish i could have made a difference then, but i was young and i was weak. Besides, not even a year later i was the one to leave. I had to go, had to get away from it all. Little did i know i was ownly running from myself and my inner demons. In my time away i’ve hurt a lot of people. Sadly pain became my business and so, here i am again at our favourite spot, looking down upon her dazzling beauty as she lays there unmoving, her hair brushing across the innocence of her unaging face.
The sun begins its smooth descent, slowly disappearing behind the hills of the horizon. Wind rustles the tree leaves as the cold night air blows across the landscape. I take one last long look at the sweetheart of my childhood, soaking in the memories of time never to be returned. I can’t help but wonder if there could have been another way. Perhaps together we could have found a better solution to all her pain. It’s a shame we hadn’t met just once again before this, to see her like this after all these years is painful. But now I have only one duty.
Once again I pull the letter from my pocket, but now i place it on her stomach and rest her hands across it. As the final rays of light splash down and away, i light a match and let it drop. The flames engulf her body in seconds and within moments naught but ash remain in its place. As the fire dies down i trudge away, heading towards the town, heading towards her final revenge.


you lit her on fire!!! my chin is shaking, to think at one point I craved cheap cider ...
:))) joking I love it :P

Nice piece of work you have done here, she was dead in my story as well.

Nice story. You have a style of writing that flows easily.

Thank you for all your kind words :) I'm glad you enjoyed it :3