Freewrite : Sunflower seed

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It has been days since the little pot filled with soil is on her table, right beside the window so that it could absorb as much sunlight as needed. Yet, nothing had happenned, not even a small bud poking out.

Karen sighed, cheeks on the palms of her hands as she stares at the little pot. She had read the books thoroughly to make sure that the seed was planted well, and there should be a small bud by now. Did she do it wrong? Should she dig up the soil to see if it is actually growing?

Only a month is left till he comesback and she had planned this for hus gift. She could have just bought a big sunflower from tge flower shop, but that would feel fruitless..

A month later, a discouraged girl brought the small pot to the airport, smiling sheepishly as her boyfriend hugged her. She gave the pot to him with a soft sigh 'Its still a bud though, I don't think Im good at this."

The male chuckled and hugs her "We can now water it together everyday, its not just a bud, its a bud filled with love."

The past months had been hard for him as he trained in a foreign land, but one thing had kept him encouraged. It was the good morning texts and pictures of the pot he got everyday.

'morning, look look I boight a sunflower seed, gonna grow it till you cime back.'

'hey, the bud arent even poking out, look its still the same. I miss you though'

'GOOOOOOOD MORNING!! our baby has produced a shoot, its so cute. '

'You are coming back soon but it is still only leaves hahaha. I love you'

I dont know how I came up with this mushy stuff but I hope u had fun reading.

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