A Toddler at Church - Day 117: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: church

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A Toddler at Church

He sat in the center of a row of people in a large dome of silence. He pulled at his collar. The shirt pinched his neck near the button and it felt much too tight. A cough echoed from the back of the room. He strained to see. His grandmother met his gaze. He turned quickly and stared at his shoes. They made his feet hurt and he wished to take them off.

His sister squirmed in his dad's lap. She wanted to leave too. She slid on his lap trying to reach the ground. Dad pulled her up and plopped her back down. She let out a small whimper and then a scream.

A lady wearing a blue bonnet turned and reached for his sister's face. The little girl sucked in as a tear rolled down her face. The woman blew a kiss and the boy followed its path to his sister's face. She laughed.

He kicked up his legs and his dad pushed them down. Five minutes in and an hour to go. The boy wondered why they were sitting in this strange place.


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You've pictured that well - I can see the pure boredom and harshness adult church can be to little kids (with uncomfortable clothes!)

And can you imagine sitting there for hours wondering when this hell will end? LOL

Fun perspective. Kids are fun.

This painted the picture so well! Great job.

Lovely, just lovely. I enjoyed the approach from the childrens point of view. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Thank you. I just remember sitting and wondering why and then when I brought my own kids to church, I also wondered why!

That pretty much describes what it's like sitting church with these little ones. I would have to say that I felt pretty much the same growing up. Nice job with description.

Sitting through a service can be tuff on children to start with, but they soon become accustomed to it. I don't remember going to church when I was small, but I used to love to go when I got older. I actually enjoyed the singing and preaching better than I did Sunday School. 🙂

Great job with the descriptions!

I loved the singing. The sitting; not so much!

Great work with this story! I can picture the kids uncomfortably squirming. An hour of having to sit quietly in a church can seem so long...

Nice work. In my youth I spent many such an hour wondering what I was doing in church .
This is your friendly freewrite encourager here with today's prompt:

Ah yes, I remember this all to well, and I must admit I inherited the gene... Really nice perspective for this @wordymouth Well done

yup. It is so hard for kids to sit still for any amount of time.