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Below is my 5 minute #freewite on today's prompt: portal

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
I received notice from my GINAbot portal that I was given a delegation, so I rushed over to see who it was from. The wonderful @eaglespirit, who just reached dolphin-hood, was sponsoring a delegation contest, and I won! 💪 You can read about it here:

My fellow Freewriter, and now dolphin, is such a hard working Steemian and giving mentor. I will make her proud for her decision. I was up against some very worthy Steemians. @PhoenixWren won a beautiful bracelet from @4ocean and I'm going to upvote and resteem all the other contestants current posts. Thank you once again @eaglespirit! 💕🙏

Story by Bruni
Today's Steem Monsters quest reward cards were:
If you would like to join the SM fun, please use my referral link below:

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You sir are a very lucky man... stackin those delegations!

I couldn't have done it without you @d00k13 💪 we're stronger together!

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I’m sure you would have 👍

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Congratulations! 😊

Thank you @thekittygirl for your support and wonderful salutations! 🙏

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Congratulations and great way of using the prompt!

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Thank you @wakeupkitty I get creative with the prompts sometimes. 👍

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Congratulations on the delegation!

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Thank you @nickyhavey, it was a total surprise and a great one at that. 🙏

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Congratulations @wonderwop, that's awesome!

Now I can upvote my buddies with a nickel @denmarkguy and I'm totally stoked. 🎉🎊

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Congratulations, @wonderwop! Well deserved!

Thank you @manoldonchev it's been a very worthwhile journey. 🙏

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Congratulations @wonderwop! Yay!!

Thanks for stopping by @joelai it's quite the honor to be featured by PHC 💕

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You are very welcome @wonderwop!

Thank you for stopping by @fionasfavourites I very happy today. It's hard to believe. 🙏

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What a delightful surprise it must have been. Congratulations on being selected for the delegation @wonderwop. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you @allyinspirit without Steemians like you, this place would be nothing! 💪

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Thank you @joanstewart I feel like a big shot now! 😁

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Way to multi-task, Bruni - great freewrite, and congrats on the delegation. Oh, and...


I'm only good for one post a day and I have to get my #freewrites in @traciyork! 😁💕

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Big Congrats @wonderwoop! Well deserved it!

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Thanks @robmojo there are quite a few PHC members that deserve it too. I'm just lucky they didn't enter. 🙏

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Thanks for stopping by @wales and thank you. 👍

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Congratulations @wonderwop! This post was selected by the Power House Creatives as today's Rally Upvote Post :)

You can find the community announcement on Discord :) and it has also been shared on our FB Page and Twitter feed.


Thank you @steemitbloggers for featuring my delegation post. 💕

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congrats on the delegation.. what a flashy post to celebrate. Well done!

Thank you for the kind words @rebeccabe 💕

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Hey i'm really happy to read that. Congratulations!

I'm so happy too @isgledysduarte Uncle Bruni got lucky. 🙏

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Congratulations on your win!

Thank you @blueeyes8960 I feel lucky right now. 🙏

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Congratulations @wonderwop! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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You totally deserved it Uncle Bruni. Soooo happyyyy for you!! =)

Thank you my sweet @iamjadeline for your kind words. 💕🌹

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This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @sbi-booster.

Thank you @drotto 👍

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Congrats on being featured as today's rally upvote, @wonderwop. And congrats on winning the delegation. You're on a roll!

Such joy for me these last two nights @jayna Thank you for stopping by. 🙏

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Congratulations @wonderwop. I love @eaglespirit she is one of my favorite people on the platform.

Thank you @tryskele, I love her too. 💕

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Congrats @wonderwop for winning the delegation.

Thank you @rosatravels for the well wishes. 🙏

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Congratulations Bruni
Woot!! Woot!!
So happy for you :)

Thank you @kaerpediem I love our Freewriters. 💕

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Congratulations on your delegation. It means a lot to know someone is supporting you in your efforts.

You are so right @blockurator, thank you for stopping by. 💪 Steem Strong 💪

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Bruni, Bruni, Bruni!!!! Well done and well deserved!!

Congratulations my friend! I am so happy for you!

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Thank you @wandrnrose7 💕

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Welcome ❤

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