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Our Contestants …

Last week I posted a celebratory post with three follow-ups inviting my fellow Steemians to join me in a huge milestone. Dolphin-hood. My post included the reason for my celebration and what you would need to do to obtain a 1,000 SP delegation for 30 days or the second-place reward bracelet funding dolphin and whale conservation.
Within the week since my post I received a great response from our community. I really wanted to take the time out to reward people who have stuck it out through our recent dry spell, and through the low price of STEEM. This hasn’t been easy and can be quite discouraging to many, however, something I have seen time and again is that when we remain steady opportunities abound.
The contestants who entered and qualified are the following:


If you know anything about me and my personality, you know that I love to give and be a part of this community. I found quite a few people mentioned above that I have not met before, and I was so impressed by them. One thing I would like to mention, that many of us express in our blogs as a key to success it to engage, engage, engage. I would not have met half of the people I know if I had not taken the time to enter contests such as these, and/or to comment. Not only comment just to comment, but to put my heart and soul into my commenting.

Admittedly, I have taken a couple of months off whilst I obtained full-time employment, but this does not mean I will not return. Steemit has become my home and that is not an exaggeration, you can find me on Discord; engaging, trolling, stirring the pot, purging … you get the idea. Even though you may not see me posting three times a day like I used too, but you will always find me somewhere in the community.

If you were attracted to STEEM for additional income, blogging, meeting new people, or just because you heard it was better than other social platforms then why not make the best of it? One of the best things I found about Steemit was supporting people from other countries who could not earn as much money as I could or just helping people grow their Steemit account. After almost 1.5 years on this platform, I have found being a part of a BETA platform has been an exciting adventure. To achieve my goal and make it to a dolphin within my ideal timeframe has been a rewarding experience.

The idea to reward someone else who has worked just as hard as I have was an easy contest to come up with, picking the person was not that difficult either. The reason being, is that the person I chose I has worked alongside me and joined in some of the same contests. This person is a joy to many and touched our lives to make Steemit a better place. I had no idea this person was going to join in, but he did and for that I am very happy to announce the first-place winner.

First Place Winner is …

Congratulations @WonderWop!!! You have been an inspiration and joy to be around and deserve some recognition for all the hard work you put forth. I was very happy to see your entry, since I have experienced your repeated kindness as I am sure many have. After this blog is posted I will start your 1,000 SP delegation for 30 days, I know you will use it wisely. Stay hungry my friend.


We move on to our second-place winner, and this person captured my attention since I’ve seen the name around town, and this person appears to be quite active. Plugging along day in and day out can be quite exhausting. This is why we have people who encourage each other, by giving. I’m hoping to instill the same spirit as I was given, and encourage those who try hard and deserve recognition. I got to check out her post and the amazing chalk inspirational work is pretty cool.

So, without further ado, our second winner is @PhoenixWren. Phoenix will receive, of her choice a bracelet made from @4ocean (within the $20 USD), pricing as promised.


Congrats Phoenix!

An awesome thing about these recycled material bracelets is donations are made to not only clean our oceans, but conserve ocean life too. A great them in conjunction with Steemit and our fish levels.

Phoenix lives in the same State I do in the USA, so that makes shipping easy peasy. Keep up the great work!


@PhoenixWren, get in touch with me on Discord for your address and @Wonderwop let me know you when you see this post. Much luck to everyone who entered my contest, I will be having more contests so keep me on your radar.

Much love,

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I am so happy for you making Dolphin!! Besides deserving it, it's great to have someone like you at that level.


Trys!! I’ve missed you so much!!! Wish you had joined my contest. You deserve a gift 💋


I missed you too. The puppies are adorable btw. I didn't catch it soon enough. It's ok though, things will work out and very deserving people did win.

I can't believe this has happened to me, you are so generous @eaglespirit 💕 I thought reaching 500sp to get a slider was a big thing for me. This has just taken me to another level for the next month. I will not let you down, much love from Bruni. God bless you! 🙏

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Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈

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Yay Bruni!! Congrats again, much love and tons of Blessings 💋🙏🏼

Congratulations to the winners and again, Eagle, great job!

Happy Dolphining. Looking forward to you having more free time.


Thank you mah WuWu

Congrats @wonderwop! 💪
And @phoenixwren for winning the bracelet 🦈


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Thank you for joining in, you are awesome. If you didn’t love so far away you would have won the bracelet. Next time!


My pleasure, just very glad for Bruni, he really deserves it.

As for sending stuff to Suriname, please don't 😅. Might have to arrange a PO box in Miami or the Netherlands, because it can be quite difficult to get stuff here.

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He does deserve it and that’s why you didn’t win the bracelet. Too far. Guess I wasn’t clear? 👀

Congratulations to the winners!

And thank you for the contest! It sure was fun to talk about why I deserve something 🥰

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Thank you so much for joining in and keep up the great work!

Gratitide to you, @eaglespirit, not just for this generous way of celebrating, but for KEEPING ON STIRRING THE POT and making steem stronger & better. That matters. If you see any posts that need some love-spreading through @freedomtribe can you give me a nudge or park them in curation? This open-heart 'thing' has me smiling all the way over here in Thailand today. 😊

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Congratulations to you for reaching Dolphin status @eaglespirit!!! 🥳🥳🥳

This was such a nice contest for you to run!! I look forward to reaching this level some day too!! I’ll continue to work for it while enjoying myself and all of the people and communities here ~ 😊

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Congratulations to all the winners..

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Congratulations on reaching Dolphinhood! I have been away from the platform for a couple of weeks myself and missed your celebration, but definitely congratulations to the winners, they are lovely prizes!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

Thank you so much! 😄 But what is your Discord? I don't think we've connected there before.


Same name


Right, but I need the numbers after it to find you. ;) Partiko says you don't use their messenger yet so it wouldn't work there, either. On Discord I am FirebirdVelitas#4492 :)


I’m the only eagle spirit in discord.


But it wouldn't let me search for you without numbers, I tried.

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Congratulations to the winners — both very worthy Steemians — and what an awesome thing to do @eaglespirit!