Day-534 Freewrite Sunday Intensity

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: intensity

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
We had an intense day cutting the cheese today, and boy is my butt tired! We had fifteen cases of 🧀 that we had to prepare for the big fiesta in San Antonio starting in ten days. Trimming 300 pounds of cheese is no laughing matter, when everyone is asking "Are you finished cutting the cheese?"
All this cheese is needed for the Shy Poke Egg booth. What is a shy poke egg, you ask! You get a mini chalupa shell, one round slice of white cheese, one jalapeno slice, and then cover it with one round slice of yellow cheese.
This is the finished product, shy poke eggs. I saved the photo from the very last time I had them and they are so yummy. Kinda like a nacho.

Story and photos by Bruni
My Steem Monsters quest took all day because of my cheese cutting, but here are my cards from today and yesterday:
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Indeed freewrite gives us an option to be active ....Steem on

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Thank you @steemflow for visiting, without interaction from great Steemians like you this place would be boring. 💪 Steem Strong!

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Ohhhh you putting me on top of the world with these words... I am just a normal Steemians...still trying to make my presence count

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Three hundred pounds of cheese... I do love cheese but I'm not sure if I can enjoy that 😂 good job I guess? 🤣

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Just helping out some friends, we got through it ok. 😁

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Dear God, please let me have some delicious cheese again in this lifetime. TY - Sharon in SE Asia - the land of expensive and bad cheese.

My hands and arms would be broken from that activity, but maybe you can still type for this interesting prompt above :)

Thank you for dropping the prompt @fitinfun. 💕

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