Day-516- Freewrite Wednesday Departure

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: departure

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
Debbie's sister lives in Ayr, Nebraska and last Friday night, emergency services knocked on her door to tell her that she needed to evacuate.
You see, Shari lives right next to the Little Blue River and she be arising. She packed up her dog and headed to Hastings, to her parents house. It's about twenty minutes away. She didn't even have enough time to pack a overnight bag. She hung out a her parents house for a couple of days, then went back home.
Luckily the river receded before entering her house. Her neighbor about 50 yards downstream, had 14 inches of water in his basement. Good thing she made her departure, when she did. We should all be praying for everybody in those flooded states. 🙏 I think it's supposed to rain some more.

Story by Bruni ~ Photos by Shari
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Great freewrite..

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Thank you for stopping by. 🙏



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Nice freewrite but these extreem natural events are giving me anxiety. I really feel for those affected. Having gone through major flooding (multiple times) loosing lots of personal memories and the clean up.. I feel that anxiety and stress come back when I see/read these stories of tragedy and struggle with water. uggggg... nice freewrite though! I am always praying for those affected :-/


Thank you for they prayers. 🙏 I'm not sure if it's over yet.


My pleasure. I fear you are right :-/

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Natural disasters...they suck, but they happen. She's pretty lucky that the flood didn't hit her house, otherwise there will be a huge mess that no one likes to deal with, lol.


You're so right. Thanks for the prayers. 🙏

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