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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: small talk

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I first met Debbie at a Fiesta Party for Rey Feo LXIII in April 2011. She wanted one of my Fiesta medals and I made her give me a kiss for one. 💋


Forward to July 2011 and I was doing a favor for my King, he was having his 35th high school reunion and asked me to be one of the check-in folks at the front desk. He went to a different high school than me, so I said yes.

About 15 minutes after I got settled at the desk, Debbie walks up and says she's helping too. We exchanged some small talk and I found out that she went to a different high school too.

She says, "You made me kiss you before you gave me your medal!" "You want another one?" I asked excitedly. 🤭

We joked all night long, and made fun of all the students checking in. Long story short, I asked her out, and we've been together ever since.

How did I know I would meet the love of my life, at a high school reunion!

Love me some Gingers!

Story and photos by Bruni


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What a sweet story!!!

Thank you Marianne. 💕

I know I know and I know. It is too sweet not to share. Sweet forever.❤️

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