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I can't believe that our brains are finally working the same today. I have always wanted to find an abandoned place, fix it up and live in it. If we had finances, we could hire workers to do just that. And hire chefs and personal coaches for fitness. Guess we will have to keep on dreaming. : )

Resident cat here, looking for abandoned buildings as I deliver today's new prompt:

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Finally? Have you been expecting our brains to work the same, but they keep taking different paths? ;P

No way! Our brains never work the same except for this time. Your brain has many layers with so many nooks and cranies. I told you before that I would love to be inside your brain but I know I would get lost. LOL!

And yet, as a cat, getting lost is an old friend to you.

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HaHa! You've got that right. I get lost in my own backyard. : )
A while back I wrote a freewrite poem and you were in it, but you didn't read it. : (

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