Day 258: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday-Prompt: epilogue

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Day 258: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge initiated by @mariannewest. Wednesday-Prompt: epilogue

Soul Witness

It was a perfect summer day that ended with a relaxing sunset, and Paranormal Patty grabbing four flashlights from the cupboard. No bad weather was in the forecast but she knew the flashlights were needed that night.

While reading a book, she heard the sound of crushing metal and the popping noise coming from the transformer, right before the house went dark. Paranormal Patty knew that a car had just crashed into the pole down the street. She lost count of how many times this had happened in the twenty years she lived there. She grabbed a flashlight, walked down the street, and her suspicions were confirmed. A mangled car was wrapped around the pole.

She called the police and while waiting for the first responders, she saw the silhouettes of four people standing at the trunk of the car. They ran up the hill in the opposite direction, just as the first responders arrived. She felt as if they were up to no good. The police questioned Paranormal Patty and she described what she saw, but the only description she could give on the four people was three males and one female.

The local newspaper wrote an article about the car that crashed into the pole. It stated that the rash of robberies had come to an end with the four deceased occupants in the car. The article also stated that the soles of their shoes were burned, which most likely happened when the transformer blew. There were pictures with the names of the four criminals, who were now deceased; three men and one woman.

Epilogue: A witness described the souls at the scene of the accident.

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Mmmmm spooky...I love it :D The fact that she gave her witness account to the police made it seem more real and even more surprising when they turned out to be ghosts!

Grazie @bennettitalia! I love that you love it! : ) Thanks for taking the time to read my freewrite. : )

I love a good ghost story and you delivered. Thanks! Here's Thursday's prompt: Day 259: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: sell-out.

Thank you for your nice compliment and the prompt @wordymouth! : )

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