Day 257: 5 Minute Freewrie: Tuesday-Prompt: state

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Day 257: 5 Minute Freewrite initiated by @mariannewest. Tuesday-Prompt: state

Silver Alert

Before driving to the hospital to visit her husband, 82 year old Shirley phoned her son to let him know her plans. This was a mutual agreement before she drove anywhere. She told her son, Ray that she would be home before dark. Ray called his mother just before dark to make sure she was home and there was no answer. After repeated calls and still no answer, Ray called the hospital. Shirley's husband told Ray that his mother had left 2 hours ago. Knowing the roads she would have traveled, Ray went looking for her.

By 10:00 P.M. that night and not being able to find his mother, Ray went to the police station and they put out a "Silver Alert;" to be on the lookout for a lost senior. Shirley was found by the police at 2:00 A.M. in a neighboring state. She was sitting in her car which was on the side of the road, on a busy 5 lane highway. The police told Ray that his mother got lost and her car ran out of gas.

When Ray asked his mother what happened she replied, "Nothing. I said I would be home before dark, but I didn't say what day I would be home."

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Hahaha, very funny. There are a few times I could have used that line!

Glad I could make you smile! : )

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