#freewriting - How many laws do you need?

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I just read an article with the question how come the government does care about a certain "bike" and does take it of the road, but does not seem to care about the use of firework.

I think we all know by now that it is illegal to make it yourself, buy it elsewhere as allowed (read across the border) and it is also restricted how much you can buy as an adult.
We all also know you need to be carefull and it is not funny to throw it at people and yes it does make noise and you can not expect others to clean up the mess you made (although the city does so the society, in this case all the people living in the city) pays for it.
I never bought it simply because I find it a waste of money. I know people who save to buy it, but personally I do not find it worth saving for.

I do not care if others save for it or simply can buy it and enjoy to do so.

I also do not care if people drink or smoke. This is something personal and the users know what it will do to their health. So the risk they take is theirs.
If you are not able to handle something (alcohol, smoking, cannabis, firework, driving a car, etc.) you better let it be. If not, you are the one to blame, who is responsible and have to pay the bill if it comes to it. You can not blame the government for it.

If you want a government that makes rules and new laws for everything, this will also mean you lose your freedom.

Your freedom of speech and everything, since what you are asking for is a police state!
The example given in that article with that "bike" called a Stint (been forbidden and firework not) was a very bad example.
The Stint is a bike used at Children Care Accomodations. The children stay there while the parents are at work. Those care accomodations also take the children to school and pick them up. The accomodations need to follow rules made by the government. To save money a part of the accomodations started to use the Stint instead of a car. With a Stint you can transport 8 kids who sit and the driver is standing behind them.

Last year a terrible accident did happen. The driver was not able to stop the Stint in time and it ran forward under a train (kids first).

Image how you feel if you drive such a vehicle and you are not able to stop it? I think the government's duty is here to find out how or what (is this vehicle dangerous, is it true the brakes do not work properly, is it allowed to use, something they check out with all vehicles) and to set rules how the accomodations should transport someone else's children.

An accident can always happen and most do even happen at home.

Still... this is no reason for all of us to go live outside on the street or ask the government for new laws, to forbid the use of a house.
In case of the Stint I do believe more investigation is needed.
If you use it for your own kids it is your responsibility but if it comes to the kids of someone else...

If you like to know what a Stint does look like you can find a picture on the internet. As I read the advertisement I found the text weird it said: the driver stands behind the children and can give attention to them. To my opinion a driver should pay attention to the traffic it takes part at. If you pay attention to 8 kids it is impossible to notice what does happen around you.
This is my entry at the daily #5-minute-freewrite with the prompt new laws. If you like to join see @mariannewest and @freewritehouse for further information).

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The problem with the Stint could have been prevented by the addition of a Dead Man Switch and spring loaded brakes. When the vehicle no longer reacts to driver input, the switch can be pulled cutting power, so the spring loaded brakes apply themselves. In the event the driver falls off the back of the Stint, the same thing would happen, the brakes automatically apply themselves.

Scary ride for the Kids when the Brakes come on unexpectedly? You bet! This is better than getting hit by a Train and band-aids are cheap.

The problem with laws is that they are often made by the people who know the least about the subject. In this case politicians were not Engineers and understood little of what they were trying to regulate.

Let's hope the inventor will be wise enough to change the way it works. Personally I would prefer my kids be transported by car or walk. The last thing was the case over here. Three schools and the Child Care Accommoat at the same square. Kids were walking holding a line, following the caretaker plus one at the end of the line.

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I agree with you that driver should focus on the traffic and the kids. I don't mean we don't take care of the kids, but when we are driving, we should be stay focus on the road, by doing this, we are putting the kid's safety first.

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 441: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: list.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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Thanks for sending the prompt again!

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You are most welcome!

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