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Rules, rules, rules…

There are just so many rules nowadays. It was believed that by rules you keep thing and people in order. That in absence of it, the family, company, firm and world would become chaos.


I do agree that its good to have rules in place to certain extent so that there is precedent in handling matter and no one is being taken advantage off. And it is even more difficult to handle people, creature of intelligent and emotion which just love to find loop holes in the rules for the advantages of their own therefore some sort of rules is required to keep thing in place.


But i also do think some rules that has been redundant as time passes by, should be changed too instead of blindly following it.

What do you think? Whois rules do you live by? I made my own rules in my dreamland though…wink* wink* 😉

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I guess it gives us some form guidelines but who makes them is a very good question 😊

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There is only one rule: Love God and love your next as you love yourself.

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You just make the complicated, simple. Good point.