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Credit:Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

It was a dark and cold night.

Just finished preparation for tomorrow big client and walking down the street in this wee hours just make it seems scarier. Although team mate did offer a lift but it was already late and everyone is tired so opted to walk back instead.

Credit: Photo by Marcio Henrique from Pexels

You see this area have changed ever since a new town was established nearby. Most of the neighbors have shifted to the new town leaving this town almost empty and slowly then it has become a nest for a group of youngster terrorizing the town with gangsterism.


Apart from bullying around and vandalism, lately they have even started imposing their own territory toll collection.

Wonder if this town would ever be restored to its glory before...

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Good Luck with the big client

I wonder who is that big client is...

Thank you... :)

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Vangie, are you spray painting those buildings up? I think I see your name on the door.

Haha..nope i dint contribute to the design 😆

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was just teasing.

What kind of tolls are they charging?

they are just trying to get money from the pedestrian so charging money by blocking the road disturbing the neighborhood

How much money do they ask and are they dangerous for the pedestrian?

Well they have not killed anyone thus far just treathen and some beating..they are not too fussy yet any amount but definitely not anything less than 1

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Do you pay them or take another route?

Usually pick the later.seems to be a safer option.

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You are a smart lady.

The streets are unsafe
boys beat and vandalize things
where is the Batman?

The streets are unsafe
Boys beat and vandalize things
Where is the Batman?

                 - naltedtirt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haiku loves u...♥️

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He is a good bot. That was one of my better ones. Lol