Day 90: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: potbellied

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"Potbellied pig, will you let me in?"

"Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin."

"Let us not play this game. I have changed. I'm a new man. I'm a vegetarian."

"Name your favorite dish."

"That would have to be the carrots, with broccoli, celery, and a few slices of bak ... bak ..."

"Something got your tongue, Mr. Wolf?"

"This isn't easy for me when my stomach growls. It never feels full. Surely you have something that would be satisfying to my stomach."

"I guess I could look in the kitchen for you."

"That would be the best. Show me more of this vegetarian meal prep stuff. I'm a new wolf indeed. No more little piggies at the hut or the beach."

"You did what at the hut and the beach?"

"I did nothing but pay my respects and have a lunch or two."



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HaHa! I love the last line. : )
Congratulations on being the Freewrite Supporter of the Week! To show how much I appreciate you, I have sponsored you for 1-share of Steem Basic Income. : )

That is so spectacular! Thanks for the support of me and my work.

My pleasure! : )

What is your profession Bro???

Nothing that I get paid for.

I am working on becoming a teacher in Qigong and Taijiquan. I'm writing more, and I like to read various things; although, I'm playing games at the moment. Just got into D&D for the first time. - What is the purpose of your question?

That is so funny!!!!!
You might want to read this :)

I like what you've done with potbellied and the ending is great: Pay my respects and have a lunch or two
What about the third little piggy who builds the house of stone?

I actually did not have in mind how many little piggies there were. When a wolf is hunger, there might be none left.

Sounds like the wolf was trying to convince himself, that he was a vegetarian. 👌 Great job and congratulations.

Before I went vegetarian for about three years, I used to think, "But what else is there besides meat?" hahaha. I found out there is a lot of options!

Ha ha ha! Paid his respects, did he? Over lunch? Makes me wonder about the menu.

Makes you wonder if this little potbellied pig is a smart one or not, doesn't it?