Day 55: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: dew

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Dew will not be found at the foot of my bed. At least, not any longer. Now that I have a tent, the morning dew stays on the outside walls and on the inside walls. The water will fall down and get on me only if I move the tent or scrape up against the walls.

For the longest time, I didn't want to accept a tent. I thought it was going to get stolen.

There have been about two different times when I came back to find that my stuff had grown legs and walked around - metaphorically. (Some A-hole moved my stuff.) Fortunately, I found it not far off from where I sleep.

One time I didn't find my things that night. Luckily, there had been another homeless man up at the same spot nights before who left clothes in a bag and never came back for them. I was able to find a couple sweaters and a jacket to keep myself somewhat warm for the night. I didn't sleep that much. There was no dew in the morning. That would have made the hours go by even more slowly that they had been.

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You have a different but interesting blog

Thank you @bhargavivkothari I don't try to be different. I'm just not the same as everyone else. 8-)

Actually, I have not a clue as to what I am doing or where I would like to go. Makes it really difficult to cater to an audience. I hope one day I'll find it. Until then, I'll just post to keep the ball rolling.

You are doing great and not being same to others is what makes you unique.

resteemed, upvoted, and now followed! I better get my act together and start doing free writes again! This is a great one. I love emotional writing.

I do love the freewrites myself. Great way to do something when you're fishing.

I don't strive to do emotional pieces but, being that I am a Scorpio, it naturally comes out. haha

I'm glad you liked it @beemillz and thanks for the follow. We'll see each other around.

Tents are good!! I was bicycling up the cost when I first came to this country and didn't have a tent. It gets really, really wet :) Someone who was done with their trip gave us a their tent and it sure made a big difference

Funny story.

I tend to sleep better when I don't have life form crawling over me during the night. I have found a scorpion a couple of times … in my sleeping bag! I was never stung. I think they like me.

Seems easier to sleep in the humid tent during the day then sleep in a cold tent at night.

Hope you have a good sleep and your stuff will never have legs again. Never. Ever. 😐

Did you just say you used another guys sweater and covering? 😱 we live in different world you know.

Am here to deliver today's prompt to you, don't forget to nominate your freewriter for the week.

You’ve been featured in our weekly curation post Freewrite Favorites at @freewritehouse. Thank you for participating and raising the bar with awesome, creative freewrites! Freewrite On!

Thanks for the showcase and thanks for having me. I'm glad the piece you used went over well.