Very interesting freewrite and I must learn more!
This caught me by surprise!

The shrill voice comes from the surrounding walls as they morph into a lion engulfing me within its mighty jaws.

Dreams have a way of changing on a dime. There interesting that way.

Indeed, they do. Good writing!

So you never find out what was on the paper!? But the little girl promised so much!

Could be a symbol for something a person may want to pay attention to. Your guess is as good as mine. 🧐

I think that's my favorite thing about these freewrites--that the author himself/herself often didn't think through the backstory or the answer to the enigma in the middle of it, so the reader is free to insert whatever context they want.

Sometimes I’ll know the prompt before hand and have it marinating. When I sit down, it takes it own course when I type what comes up. When I start to think too much about the direction I want to go verses where the story wants to go, themostdangerouswritingapp lets me know with a big red wall. 🤣. I like it.

Of course, I like seeing the prompt fresh and begin writing that way.

Very good use of the prompt. I loved the visual descriptive writing. I could imagine the room turning into an animal...

The shrill voice comes from the surrounding walls as they morph into a lion engulfing me within its mighty jaws.

That is starting to be one of my favorite passages. Thanks for you comment.

I love how you took us into the mind of a unconscious person with a head wound. I also love how the walls morphed into a lion...amazing! : )

Resident cat here, delivering today's prompt after a few licks of milk:

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While definitely a great freewrite, it doesn't follow the rules to this week's constrained writing contest, where you posted it. :p

Anyways, well written! :D

Oh, my! Mistake on my part. Darn. Maybe you’ll let me know what you think of this piece anyways.

He could try to ignore everything that had happened. Hard to do though when your mind won't let you.

I know what that is like.

Trippy! Makes me scratch my head a bit, was it a dream and alternate reality? And, who was the little girl?
Not a bad genre for you :)