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Patry - hmm... Not much for doing that these days. I like to sit around all by myself reading and typing and ...

This is going to be a tough one.

Party - there are people who may be willing to invest in me this time. I am gathering and talking to the people I think will support me in my endeavors here on steemit. I’ll have a reason to party soon. I want to keep my focus on studies. I might be the type that will forget about work if I party to hard.

I like to play video games. Where is the party for this?

A bunch of rambling today. Hmm... Kind of stuck. ”Keep on swimming.” May be I’ll break through. Oh, boy.

The timer hasn’t hit zero yet. My fingers are still moving. What is my mind doing? Thinking about partying! Hahaha

Oh boy, Winnie the Pooh. That used to be my favorite show. I’d watch it all the time as a kid.



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Day 200: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: party

My Completed Freewriting prompts:

  1. Dude
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Basket
  4. Housecoat
  5. Nail
  6. Faster Than Light
  7. Cane (Bonus: Red Wine)
  8. A Ridiculous Amount of Fun
  9. Mosquito
  10. Bamboo
  11. Hook
  12. Sweater
  13. The Entryway
  14. Trolley
  15. Flea
  16. Awakening
  17. Her Homemade Jams

Weekend Free Write:

  1. The Picture
  2. The Crooked Umbrella
  3. The Chair That I’m Stapped To
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That sounds like my mind on the average day, haha!

Hmmm, videogame parties. I remember those days. Lugging my computer to a friend's house to play Unreal Tournament all night. Now I videogame party at my home, alone, in my pyjamas, and hope no one tries to talk to me. xD


Some days it seems like nothing I write sounds good in my head.

🤣 so true how we play video games. We’re together while not being together.

At one time I was stuck on Counter-Strike, like when it first was getting started. I had a friend who’d play all night while I slept. Hanging out with my buddy

Surely there are video game parties to host or to attend! It sounds like an excellent way for introverts to interact.


Lol. Introvert. Always have been one. 🤗

Huh, that sure was an interesting trail of thought. Don't worry, you don't have to be a great party boy to write a good party story. You just have to let your mind wonder and not worry about it ;)

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