I was so impressed with your writing style. Thanks.

If you don’t mind, would you divulge what you like about how I write? It always amazes me when people say this.

Wouldn't want to butt in to the other comment, but since I was going to say the same thing (that your writing style's interesting), I'll dare to answer - It's because reading it, I felt you were here with me, talking to me. Not many manage to do that in writing ;) I think that's it, at least for me.

As for roasting, I agree, I've always found it so cruel.... Aaaand I'm hooked on these freewrites, too! They're really wonderful, aren't they? And they keep you coming back because the more you do, the more your mind wanders...and that's a really great feeling.

Anywho, I'm in charge of delivering the new prompt, so here ya go:

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thanks for your feed back. It is interesting to read. Thanks.

I do not like roasting at all. Don't find it funny and it usually is mean. I think it is maybe meant to make you stronger? Like holding your hands into ants to they can bite you to become a man. Don't know...

It can be funny when you know the people and the situation. A person must have some humility and be able to laugh at their own mistakes. I mean, I can look at myself and facepalm while laughing at times.

I did like the way Michelle did it even though I didn’t laugh much.

The ones I can’t stand are usually devoid of intellectual content.

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