Butterfly: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: pitiful

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Butterfly1. Old Maid

Peter was attracted to the gracefulness of the girl's steps, a dancer from the very first moment she took to her feet. His heart quickened. His palms rubbed his knees.

"Peter," Peter turned in time to see the butterfly take flight off of his finger, "you are showing your nervous tick again."

Peter stops immediately.

"Tina," Dr. Greg says, "When I agreed that was weeks ago. Things have changed. I'm going to need you to stay home tonight. It is not safe to be out." An array of butterflies come alive, flying around the room for 10 seconds then landing in unison in different places around the room.

She knew not to question him when she heard those words come from him, but this time she couldn't help herself, "I've had this planned for weeks. I bought new clothes, did my make-up, rented out a place with the money I earned along with others ..."

"What did I just say?" he asks, cutting her rant short. His face is stern and serious. Even at her age of seventeen and being his own daughter, he wasn't afraid of using pain to snap her out of her moments of confusion. What he said this night was final. Grabbing the mango on the desk, he begins slicing through the skin in straight lines from the top down to the bottom.

She stood near the door, not sure whether she had the guts to leave, to go against his command. Her sense of wanting to be free had been becoming stronger over the past couple of years. She didn't yet have the words to express this to him.

Peter entered the lobby of the upper eastside apartment buildings, filled with junkies and boozers. Most of the time they wouldn't bother you unless you were new to the building. Then they would hit you up for money and demand it if you walked away. The weak ones caved in, moving out the same day they moved in.

He climbs up the stairs because the elevator cable had been sawed in half one night when the pitiful tweakers wanted to see their conceptual artwork come to life in the real world. He had to hop over missing steps. If only he could figure out how he had convinced himself to come back here each night would he be able to free himself.



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