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I've taken up a challenge to free write for 5 minutes a day and post it. This is my first exercise and I'm delighted with it. I know I will turn this into a full fledged article. Odd how just sitting down without a thought in my head can open up to a memory that I hadn't thought of in years. I'm not sure how many of these I will do, but I had a good time with this one.

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It all started with a snap together box my friend gave me. It was pretty but I didn't know how strong it was. I turned it into a hopes and dreams box. My dream at the time was to move to the country and live off-grid. So every time I happened across something interesting about the subject I would put it in the box.

Low and behold, fast forward to when I actually bought my property. I sat down with my box of dreams and poured it out on the bed. I started to separate everything into categories. I was amazed at how much awesome content I had. Of course some were eliminated immediately for lofty dreams that would be unaffordable, but others were very doable.

That's how I started to plan my house build. Incorporating some of the ideas I had seen and saved over the years.


Your post speaks to me. On a journey of becoming a minimalist, this definitely resonates. Very good post.

Thank you so much. I can't wait to finish the full article. Living off-grid is so rewarding. Nothing happens without action from me. No flipping switches or turning things on.

My dream at the time was to move to the country and live off-grid.

Wish I too accomplish that one day... I just came back from Crete today, while I was there I visited my aunts and relatives and I came to realize again that the big city is a big stretch and quite an unhealthy place...

People are racing for nothing, letting a clock dictate their lives and sometimes everything seems fake... While in Crete ( even in Heraklion which is considered a city ) I could say good morning to everyone without getting the weird looks like ''Who is this guy? Why is he saying good morning to me?'' If I say this to someone in Athens where I live they will probably consider me crazy... Maybe though I should just not care about that :)

It took me over 50 years to stop caring about what others thought of me and to put my wants and desires first. Part of that was raising my children and setting them free. I'm a truly lucky woman today, living the life I dreamed of. Might I recommend a dream box, haha.

This is great!! and yes, the power of the freewrite. Stuff comes up we had no idea it is in our brain. Lots of writers use this technique to open the creativity flow and often, a freewrite becomes a story or even a book. I'll put you on the list and send prompts your way. Just tell me to stop if you don't want them :)

I'm pretty excited by this, even if I got the prompt wrong, haha. I still came up with a start for a new article.

no right or wrong - remember!! :)

I'm trying to break that mindset.

Owning a home is one of our biggest dreams.

It all takes time, that's for sure. I worked towards my goal a little by little, making sure to keep the dream alive.

I can't wait to hear more!

Thank you. I'm pretty excited about the upcoming prompts.

It's perfect, I love the idea of having a box of dreams.


I'm currently saving catalogs that would literally take a lottery win to purchase from, haha. Dreams help to keep me young and bring me such joy.

Keeping the ideas in your mind makes them a part of you!

That was a wonderful story, and it ended perfectly. I am a perfectionist too, so I had a hard time posting my story without editing it. I am big on omitting commas and leaving out letters. We are beginning together! This is my first time entering this freewrite too.

I swear it was the hardest thing I've done here on steemit. Truth be told, no cares but me, haha.