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Wow, this challenge is easy to write about. The biggest change other than becoming a parent in my life has been moving off-grid. It’s a whole other world. I went from living a regular city life, like most folks, to living in a tent on raw land. Later on I built a house but still live very primitively, with no plumbing or electric in the house.


I just wrote an article about my fancy dancy composting outhouse. It truly feels like a huge luxury after having to deal with even more primitive methods prior.

I hear so many folks say, I could never live like you. I might have been one of them a decade ago. Back before I learned how to “really” take care of myself. I was seriously lost if the power went out. I couldn’t function. I had no skills. I relied on modern conveniences to complete my tasks.

In my case less is more. By striping myself of the conveniences that ultimately fail, I have empowered myself. Honestly, I’ve never felt more free in my life.


You inspire me....Motivate me to want this as well. I have always wanted to live off Grid, but with kids its a challenge. Thanks for sharing

I didn't take the plunge till I was in my late 50's. You've still got time.

I am 46 so lots of time...yes

What you did takes courage actually, I've known people who have done the same thing, moved off-grid, and while truth is it has it's diffuclties at the start, it's also very rewarding and don't remember how it was before.

Keep up the great work!!!

I don't know that I've done anything harder in my life. I've completed things that were challenging, but never anything that is continuously challenging. But with each task comes an instant reward. I think I actually work harder now, but it is with joy that I do it.

Living primitive is not for the weak of heart. We find out that we do not need the luxuries that most people do, and somehow it is less stressful! Loved your story. Thanks for sharing.

I'm finding that it is a small populous that actually prefer primitive living. I'm not sure if that is because we covet our conveniences or because we (collectively) are ignorant of the old ways and scared to try.

This is amazing!! And I do hope you turn this into a longer article and tell us about your beginnings of this huge change!! My friend lived in a tent in her friend's backyard for a few years to save money to buy a house, but you really went for it!! Love to her more! Today:https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-13-5-minute-freewrite-prompt-crazy

I'm definitely going to write more about this. Haha, and the prompt crazy goes right along with it (or so I've been told).

Have you written about your winter food supply? How do you keep things refrigerated in the summer? I am an admirer of your lifestyle, and would love knowing more.

No, I haven't yet, but that's a good idea. In the summer time I produce enough solar power to run a full size frig. In the winter I turn it off an use a cooler. Otherwise I would have to run a generator to power it. I use other methods as well in the spring and fall.