Easy 'How to' for @MarianneWest's Daily #freewrite Challenge

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Hi Everyone,

I have had a few requests from people that want to start to do @MarianneWest's Daily #freewrite Challenge on how to start doing them.

This is a post of how I do them but as time goes on you will make your own rules up that you are comfortable with.

Keep in mind The #freewrite that @mariannewest runs is not a competition. It is an initiative that @mariannewest made to get people writing every day. There is no prize for writing and posting your original story made from the prompt she gave us that day.


Here is what I do:

  1. Follow @mariannewest

  2. Every day look for the blue #freewrite post in your feed. She usually posts it at 10:00 am CST.

    Image by @mariannewest

  3. Most times the prompt is in the header of the post. If not scroll through the post until you see this. I then copy the prompt:


The prompt for each day changes. It can be one word or like today a phrase.


  1. I open Grammarly on my computer. You can use notepad or any writing app/program you want.

  2. I paste the prompt in my header so I don't forget it. loll *been known to do that too..........

  3. Set my phone timer for 5 minutes.

  4. Hit GO on the timer and type while trying to keep in mind the prompt for today.

  5. I then go back and because I'm NOT a typer or speller fix my story so people can read it.

  6. Find or make a photo to go along with my story. I get most from Pexels**Photo NOT needed but I like to add one to mine.

  7. The go back to @mariannewest's post for today and paste the link for my story in the comment section.

  8. Now the best part! I go through all the other people's links and read their stories and get amazed at how different each story is from the same prompt.


It's as simple as that!


When writing here are the rules I follow all nice and neat:

  1. There is NO right or wrong way to do a free write as long as you have fun doing it.
  2. If you need to, fix your typo's after you are done.
  3. If you feel the need to follow the official rules to a T then don't fix your typo's.
  4. Relax!
  5. Have FUN! ALWAYS!
  6. Don't over think it.
  7. Timer always at 5 minutes, try and not look at it!
  8. If you feel the need to finish the story after your 5 minutes are up, finish it! as long as it's FUN and not WORK for you.
  9. Don't stress about what comes into your head, just write what comes in down and post it.
  10. There is no right or wrong unless it's not fun. If it stops being fun. stop and wait a few days.

**The official rules are found here: Writers or wanna be Writers Wanted!!!! Be Free! Freewrite!


My advice to anyone is to try doing a #freewrite. You will be very surprised in many ways you never thought of!!

Here is today's prompt to get you started if you would like: Day 77: 5 Minute Freewrite - Prompt: If you have any thoughts, please let me know


Always remember and never forget "there is no right way" to do a #freewrite, for me. This is not school, this is Steemit! and fun should always be had!

I hope this has helped!!!

Happy Writing!!


Hahahaha, I am SO glad to see you write that you sometimes forget the prompt!!! I do that, too :)

I love the freewrites and they have literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but I was flailing about so much, wishing that I could find my creative spark or motivation again. I tried the freewrite the first time because I thought "Well, I can NOT write a short story, but how much can I mess up in five minutes? No one will be expecting much..."

And I did it and LOVED the experience. I've surprised myself continually and almost daily because I seriously never thought I could write short stories. In the past I wouldn't even TRY because I just 'knew' I would fail. I am too long winded (as evidenced by this comment!)

I love the freewrites and they have literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic

No this doesn't sound that way to me as I feel the same way. The freewriters and freewrites HAVE changed my life and for the best.......

I have found something that has been buried, shoved down way to deep, inside me for so long and if not for the freewrite rules I would never have tried...........I thank god and for putting me where I was to be able to find it so soon after it started.
It has brought me so much joy and helped me connect with people I otherwise never would have and that is priceless as I tend to stick to myself in most things. This has helped me in that way too.

and I LOVE your "long winded" comments :D someday I hope to be able to write as much as you do in 5 minutes :D it is a goal I do have thanks to you!

This. This is all the irrefutable proof those critics should need to see.

What a lovely piece and I wholeheartedly agree. Going to link it in tomorrow's prompt :) And thank you for your wonderful comment on the prompt post!

I am still upset so I wrote a whole post on what I woke up to this morning LOLLL :D

and I'm so happy you approve of this post! :D

Don't let that person upset you!! You had the perfect response to her. People like that are everywhere and it is best to ignore them. If they try to do harm - then we think of something else. But snook - you more than anyone knows that we are a family and we know that we have a good thing going...
Hugs, deep breath and let it go.
I like your permission to use this post in all prompts in the future.

Of Course, you have my permission!!!!!!!!! it's yours!!! :D

and I'm building us a pool and calming down loll don't worry I just HATE when people attack friends I love........ <3

nice pool!! Let's hang out there :)

Sounds fun :D i guess i'll join that after my exams :D

I really think you would have fun!! I so hope you give it a go!!!!

Free vote for you! Yay!

Thank You!

Two things I do a little differently. I just type "timer" into google and it pops up a 5 minute timer. I also type directly into steemit. I also rarely use a photo, don't I? So that's three things.

I tried first off typing in the steemit box but I make way too many typos loll someday I'm going to post of photo of what my 5 minutes really look like :D

added that photo is not needed :D

Ha! I'll look for that phtot, ;P

Thanks for making such a nice post about the #freewrite. It is so much fun, and anyone can participate without feeling as if they need to compete. I love the gif!!! GRooooooooooooooooooooot!!!

Thank you also for including the link to where you find your pictures. I am so parinoid about using pictures from the internet.

I use the Microsoft Word to write, and it puts the red line under each word I misspell as I go, so that is a bit distracting. I should probably do it in a program that doesn't spell check as I go. :D

I only fix my errors if they are really bad. It shows me which words I am spelling wrong, or using in the wrong way. The next time I write, I try not to misspell the word again.

I haven't done a freewrite in a long time, because of the holidays, so I hope to be able to do more this year.

Happy New Year Freewrite!!

Thanks :D and mine red underlines too but I just don't look until I'm done loll

Brilliant. I'm considering making a post, freewrite from a newbie perspective. Something like that. I've loved doing these writes and got overwhelmed with the nice comments.

I'm SO happy to hear that and most of us, until just a bit ago, have been with the #freewriters from the beginning or close to it so would be very nice to see your perspective. If you do write it PLEASE let me know!!!

and thanks for stopping!!

Here it is. I actually started it before I saw this post.

Thanks Snook, I hope to see you often at the daily free write. I will begin tomorrow.

Thank you soooo much. As I am new it helped me a lot

Great post. I found it linked by @mariannewest. I have done a few of them, but am not at all an experienced writer. I'm reassured by your post that I am pretty much on the right track with how I did.
I will have another try this week.

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