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RE: Easy 'How to' for @MarianneWest's Daily #freewrite Challenge

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Hahahaha, I am SO glad to see you write that you sometimes forget the prompt!!! I do that, too :)

I love the freewrites and they have literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but I was flailing about so much, wishing that I could find my creative spark or motivation again. I tried the freewrite the first time because I thought "Well, I can NOT write a short story, but how much can I mess up in five minutes? No one will be expecting much..."

And I did it and LOVED the experience. I've surprised myself continually and almost daily because I seriously never thought I could write short stories. In the past I wouldn't even TRY because I just 'knew' I would fail. I am too long winded (as evidenced by this comment!)


I love the freewrites and they have literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic

No this doesn't sound that way to me as I feel the same way. The freewriters and freewrites HAVE changed my life and for the best.......

I have found something that has been buried, shoved down way to deep, inside me for so long and if not for the freewrite rules I would never have tried...........I thank god and for putting me where I was to be able to find it so soon after it started.
It has brought me so much joy and helped me connect with people I otherwise never would have and that is priceless as I tend to stick to myself in most things. This has helped me in that way too.

and I LOVE your "long winded" comments :D someday I hope to be able to write as much as you do in 5 minutes :D it is a goal I do have thanks to you!

This. This is all the irrefutable proof those critics should need to see.

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