Stone Rose

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Kayla was just beginning to worry about the time when the trap went off. She’d been watching from the woods since the morning and it was late afternoon now.

Marcella and her children were playing on a small swing-set in the backyard. Kayla had noticed how Marcella had kept her kids from wandering off in the direction of the trap. She raised her head at the sound of the propped-up baby pool clapping down onto the ground and immediately hurried her children inside against their loud protests.

While she was busy with them, Kayla hurried down towards the upside-down pool. She could see it rattle and hear Goldie honking from underneath, though by the time she got closer it was still and quiet. She hung back behind a clump of trees and waited for Marcella to arrive before stepping out.

Marcella jumped and gasped. Her cheeks flushed pink as a mix of emotions swept over her face: surprise, fear, guilt, confusion. She’d make a terrible poker player, thought Kayla.


Marcella looked at the upside-down pool and then back up towards Kayla.

“I–I think i–it might be your, uh, family’s goose,” she said.

Kayla nodded. Marcella shuffled uneasily under her stare.

“Do you want me to get something to put it in?” she asked, gesturing towards her house.

“No need,” said Kayla, raising an arm that held a soft cat carrier. “I’ve got it covered, except… The thing is, if I come home with just Goldie, my brother Alex will come looking for her eggs.”

Marcella’s eyes widened and the soft rose color that had filled her cheeks faded to a pale, papery white. Everyone in town knew Alex, if not personally than by reputation. They’d heard plenty about his love of firearms and short temper. Her face stayed set like a stone mask for a long time before she spoke.

“We have them,” she admitted in a half-whispered voice.

This was inspired by the #freewrite prompt stone rose. Okay, not really. It’s a continuation of a story that was shoehorned into this prompt, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

This is a continuation of

  1. Shiny Pirate Beads
  2. Prestige
  3. Champagne
  4. Pink Baby Pool

Image by bzwei.


Ohhhh no, no, no, no, children are so notorious for spilling the truth!
Well, it's for the best, right?
Not if Mom and Dad have those golden eggs stashed somewhere... Finders Keepers, right?
The plot thickens!

Dun dun dun. I sus pect the kids will come out alright though.

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