The Spawning - 5 Minute Freewrite Prompt 'Children'

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Her distended abdomen convulsed with the reassurance of fulfilling her biological imperative as the eggs emerged. She had already established the collective connection between them all as they grew within her. Now it was a matter of waiting for them to emerge into their larval stage.

Her instinctive need to propagate had led her to this point. Never mind the small hairless bipeds that were impeding upon her domain. It had remained unchanged for countless eons, and this minor inconvenience was one that she would root out and destroy, just like every previous incursion. She had been alive for millenia, and she would continue to be alive for eons.

It would be a matter of a few brief decades now, lying dormant here in her underground lair. The newcomers to the surface above were not even aware yet of her presence. When her spawn emerged, the newcomers would provide delicious sustenance to sate their ravenous hunger as they grew and matured.

She marveled at how quickly the newcomers reproduced. Soon, they would provide her children with an entire herd upon which to feed.

The last of the eggs emerged.

Thanks to @mariannewest for the prompt

Prompt: children
Set your timer for 5 minutes
Start writing
Use the hashtag #freewrite
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Weird and disturbing, yet can't stop reading! Nicely done.

As that is precisely what I was shooting for when I started typing, I'm glad that I managed to get there in five minutes. Thank you!

You are welcome.

Arghhh You totally got me scared!! I know whatever is coming out of that egg is going to eat me!!

Then my work is done here :)

hahaha - never!! Btw, sorry I haven't mentioned you in the prompt yet. some days, my brain doesn't function and my eyes glaze over and nothing happens as it should.
I am so glad that you are trying the freewriting thing and hope to see your work often!!

Eeeek, that's rather disturbing. You set quite a scene.

I take that as high praise. Thanks!

I shall. It appears I've been infected with the bug to do so.

I love that our stories could actually be about the same thing from different perspectives (almost). We should try doing that on purpose some day. I bet it would be amazing.

I bet we'd come up with something truly odd.

Welcome! It only takes one to get hooked. This is a powerful drug. And great job, by the way.

I'm all about powerful drugs. Especially if they're of the seductive type.

Wow, you sure got my attention in a hurry! I love monster stories and disaster books, when both come together at the same time it is right up my alley! I would love to have this book. 👍 😎

P.S. Some of my favorite books started off similar to this. The one that is at the forefront of my thoughts is "The Mind Thing" by Fredric Brown, which I found to be an awesome and riveting story as a teenager and is one that I have kept in my library all these years. (I'm 60)

That's one that I've never had the pleasure of reading. I'll add it to my reading list!

It is not one of those deep tech oriented sci-fi's, it is just a cool story and an interesting read.

This was good stuff!! Well written. Nicely done and very daring....LOVED it!

Hey, thanks! It was my first stab at a time-bound freewrite, so I'm frankly a bit surprised that it isn't simply a mess.

Definitely not a mess.

Oh my, this is so alien and really chilling! Awesome freewrite ;)

Thank you for reading, and the kind words!

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