5-minute freewrite Day 654 prompt: key

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my fairy house.jpg

Photo taken on my Android phone.

Mandy wandered through the flower-strewn field, gazing at the distant mountains and admiring the lush green foliage of the trees along the edge of the meadow. She was simply out for a walk, yet something in the distance seemed to be calling her. It was an odd sensation, one which she had not experienced before. As she neared the trees, she could hear distant music. It sounded as if someone was singing. Maybe there was a house back here, although she wasn't aware of any homes this far from the road. She kept on walking, moving toward the sound. A path appeared in the woods, so she decided to follow it and find out where it went. Of course, the old fairy tales came to her mind, like "Hansel and Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood." Which made her feel quite silly. But she continued to follow the sound of singing. Eventually, the path lead to a clearing in the woods, and there she was a tiny little house. It looked like a fairy house, with feathers for a roof, moss for siding, jewels for windows, and a wee little door made of colorful cloth. Mandy felt a tremendous urge to try to somehow crawl inside that adorable little house, from which came the sound of singing. But she was too big, and, unlike Alice in Wonderland she had no mushrooms to nibble on for shrinking herself, and, furthermore, she had no key.


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What a delightful story! I always was attracted to miniature things and had such a vivid imagination I would write stories from photos I saw. Well done!

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Thank you so much! You know how it is with freewrites....you start writing, and things just sort of happen in the story. I was part way through when I thought of the fairy house I made over a year ago, and so it got into my story.

@scribblingramma good story, If I followed the music I would go in circles, I have started hearing a flute playing, it took me days to figure out it was coming from my ear, I hear it all day over and over the same tune. Driving me crazy. it is only one ear that hears it.

lol. I've heard whole symphonies (discordant cacophonies is more like it) for almost 20 years now. I've gotten used to it, but I don't hear so good anymore

@owasco do you hear it in one ear or both? For a long time, I had been hearing a squishy sound between my hears, that has stopped and now it is music or could be a dial tone on a house phone with three different beats. It does not bother me until I try to go to sleep and the house is quiet.

That sounds very similar to my earliest sounds, a tone with some pulsating lower tones mixed in, but in both ears - I thought my house was making a weird sound and I was the only one who could hear it. It's gotten much worse, I hear all sorts of things now, and can't even tell if an appliance is making sounds or if it's in my head anymore. And yes, it becomes much more pronounced in quiet places.
An ear doctor diagnosed me with tinnitus. As I understand it, when you are losing your hearing your brain dislikes the silence so it fills silence in with sound. I'm used to the sounds, but not being able to hear well is getting annoying.

@owasco I went to Dr Google and tinnitus was the closest thing I could find to my symptoms. I guess I will save my money and learn to live with it. I have also been having my husband repeat things so I think my hearing is not up to par.

That's all it is. Your ears are aging. You do not have a brain tumor. Nothing can be done that I know of, other than eat right and get some sunshine, which I know you do plenty of.
On the bright side, I've written about it a few times, so there's that.

Oh dear, that doesn't sound pleasant at all! (oops....was that a pun?)

I feel a fable coming on! This is a fantasy of mine from my childhood, that I would come across tiny people in tiny houses in the woods. Nice work.

It's always a fun notion!

Congratulations on your 100th freewrite -- and it was a good one!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

This was your 100th? I love it, read it yesterday and commented already.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!


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