My lazy family

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I have a very lazy family. I am the only female in my family that includes my husband and my two sons. My sons for some reason think that their life on earth is meant for destruction. They make sure that they make enough mess inside the house because outside they have to behave to have that ' good boy' image intact. Their dad ( my husband) feels cleaning is my job as I am a stay at home mum, which is fine with me, provided they don't mess with things that I have already cleaned.
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I tried reaching my sons some basic cleaning and I noted that it was better they are left alone. My mother almost cried saying child labour is a crime and I was being insensitive on those little angels who consider their home their playground. My husband for some reason gets physically incapable of doing certain things like drying his wet towels which mysteriously flies by itself onto the bed and stays there till I find it. He also cannot put his used socks in the washing area and would rather keep it near the shoe rack to make the entire area stink.

I wonder how an all boys hostel maintain its hygiene. It is absolutely impossible for my family to function without the presence of a female in their lives.


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