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I am a fussy eater and have been so all my life. My mom blames it on her pregnancy days that kept her severely sick unable to eat anything. She believes that I took over the habit of not eating properly right from the time i was in her womb. I personally believe that I eat enough to fill my tummy but not until I am hungry.
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When I got married, my mother in law laid out a rule saying that I couldn't eat until my husband has had his food (if he is having his lunch at home). I didn't have a problem with it because I preferred having my lunch late. I got pregnant and soon had my first son who turned out to be much worse than I am when it comes to eating. He would puke even if he had water and seeing him puke I would loose my appetite. I was malnourished and sleep deprived.

With time, I was empowered and would ignore any comments by my mother in law. My husband also had told me to have my food and not wait for him, but I had this new habit of not eating before my son and of he would puke, I was done for the day. It took a while for my son to sustain the food and keep it in his tummy atleast till I had mine.

He is now 10 years old and I wait for him to have his food after he comes back from school to have mine. My husband and my son have told me a zillion times to have my food on time, but I just cannot have it before my elder one.

My younger one loves his food and eats whatever is given to him, so I don't mind having food before him, but I still wait to feed my elder one. I guess this habit will continue for life.


When I read this, my mind went back to a country song I heard in the early 1970s where the singer was remembering how he grew up poor. If the pie was down to one piece and there were two people who hadn't had pie yet with one of those people being his mom, she'd tell the other person to go ahead and eat the last piece of pie because she didn't care for pie that much anyway.

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