Are boys insensitive?

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I miss those days when my son would cry when he saw those fake tears in my eyes and my younger one would shoot those beautician away when she worked her thread to make my eyebrows. They were protective when they were young and as they are growing up I can see that they no longer care.
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Time flew by so fast. My elder one who is nearing his teenage can simply make out when I am bluffing. He pretends to be busy when I ask him to pass me the water bottle. He refuses to eat his food himself when I am super busy. I have told him multiple times that I get tired doing his work and he laughs naughtily over it.

Is he getting insensitive or is it his way of showing love. I know that innocent phase would never come back, but I wish he gets a little sensetive because if it doesn't happen he would surely get some kicks on his back from his wife after he gets married.


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He's probably simply going through a stage of trying to exercise his independence. Hopefully, he'll have that out of his system by the time he gets married...

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