5 Minute Freewrite 2/15/18 Fried Chicken

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One childhood (good memory) is when we had our own chickens.
Our mother would go catch one and lay it on the chopping block.

One day when she chopped the neck off a chicken, It flopped
down onto the ground and chased after one of my sisters. I
thought it was the funniest thing in the world. She did not though.
She was scared to death.
Did you know the chickens feel the vibrations on the ground?
That is how this one knew where we were running at. My sister
happened to be the closest to it, so she was the target. It sure
tasted good though after mom cleaned it up and made fried chicken
for dinner. My sister was not keen on going near them after that.

No photo to add. Plus it would need a gory one to fit the story.
Hope you enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for stopping by.
I sure miss fresh chicken and their eggs. So much better than frozen
chicken. I love fried chicken and sometimes ate the skin if it was
crispy. Yummm.

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Fresh chicken and fresh eggs are way better than the frozen ones. I remember collecting eggs from the coop, those were the good times.
I love your story, feel sorry for your sister a bit, but still loved the story :)


Lol thank you. I kinda did too after we siblings stopped laughing.

now I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hugs Loved this sotry!!

Today I'm tired, my wings are slow, going but over the hills, dropping today freewrite prompt. Enjoy!



Lol sorry about that. :-) I'm a bit groggy trying to fight off a bug. Coating my throat with a buttered bagel as I type. Wonder why my vitamin story will be like. Hugs back. :-)

I did. Nothing beats a good chicken from the oven.


I agree and I even found a better way to keep the chicken moist. I pan fry it until it's a golden color, toss it into a baking pan, cover with foil and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350. It surpassed the pickiness of a teenager. :-)

So did you get to eat your sister's share that night? Also curious if this made her go vegan.


Nope and she still eats chicken. She just stayed away from the coop and live chickens for awhile, lol.

Hahaha... what an experience. Do you that we have this fastfood chain that most of the kids love it because of this crispy and juicy chicken? It is called jollibee chicken joy. Try it.


Interesting name lol We don't have that here on the west coast.

I'm not sure how I would have reacted to being chased by a headless chicken. The crispy skin on fried chicken is always my favorite part!


Lol, am sure none of us kids would have laughed had we been the one chased. Oh heck yeah, crispy is the best.

My parents raised chickens, and we saw lots of odd flapping around on butchering day. After the chickens were plucked, my sister and I used to line them up around the sink so they were sitting on the edge with their feet dangling in and we would invent conversations for them to have. There's nothing like a sinkful of dead chickens talking!! Yeah, we were kinda weird kids, I suppose, but very creative. When you don't have a TV you have to make your own entertainment!


Lol that sounds like it was fun. We played outside rain or shine, unless weather was bad or we were sick. Tv was almost extinct back then, lol. :-) Thanks for the visit :-)