Wolves in the Night - Freewrite Day 482 Entry - Prompt: Magical Realism

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Greetings, friends. I hope that you are well .

This is my response to the Freewrite prompt, a daily writing exercise that I am really enjoying doing. Thank you @mariannewest for hosting these. The Freewrite community has also graciously agreed to “adopt” me, promoting me on their page and giving me daily upvotes. It is much appreciated, and hopefully my writings will be up to their standards.

I’m thinking about challenging myself to make all of the freewrites I do match a particular theme. So far, I’ve had a suggestion to make them about wild animals that tend to get a bad reputation. I’d be curious if anyone else had any other suggestions.


Prompt: “Magical Realism”

It was a bright night. The huge full moon hung in the night sky, shimmering with a brilliant white light. It cast shadows everywhere in the forest, and made it so beautiful in an otherworldly fashion. Then, with a flash of silver, a wolf ran through the forest. The motes of dust hung in the air, the light glinting of them as though they were suspended from string to the stars. Then, another wolf, and another. A whole pack, traveling through the woods with by the light of the moon. They came to a clearing, nearly perfectly circular, with a stump in the middle. Upon this stump, the alpha male took his seat. The rest of the pack surrounded him, waiting. Waiting. The moment was almost upon them, and they were ready. As the moon crept directly overhead, the alpha let loose with a hauntingly beautiful howl. The rest of the pack joined in, their cry of joy echoing throughout the night, bursting the silence that had settled upon the world. They howled over and over, singing their praises to the moon on this magical night. For they were real. They lived in the moment, embracing all that life had to offer. And it was good.

I’m hoping people are enjoying these as much as I am enjoying writing them. I’m also hoping people appreciate these pictures. I feel it adds a little something to these daily posts. Here’s an image of a wolf howling at a full moon. I don’t know why, but wolves always evoke really beautiful imagery for me. The power, freedom, and grace they have are really inspiring. It’s so sad how feared and despised they are in parts of the world.

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I did :) I have 4 myself plus 2 babies and I am the alpha!
There is a lot of crying overhere at certain hours.

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You have four dogs? That sounds like quite a full household :)

I can imagine. Hopefully it's going well. I remember how little sleep my sister got when my nephew was really young. It definitely sounds rough, so I hope you're taking the time to care for yourself.

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"wild animals that tend to get a bad reputation" - yes! - the wild boar in your previous freewrite illustrates that so memorably. I'm with you on this: wolves always evoke really beautiful imagery for me. The power, freedom, and grace they have are really inspiring. It’s so sad how feared and despised they are in parts of the world. Keep it up!


Thank you :) I'm glad that you're enjoying it. This theme is nice to do. It incorporates my love of animals, and makes the freewrites more challenging in an interesting way. I plan to continue for some time to come, until another theme strikes me.

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Uncle Bruni is impressed with your work, thank you for the entertaining #freewrite. 👏

So much thought and effort put into this. No worries about standard. You are doing awesome!

Also, I am here to deliver the next prompt to you. Here it is, check it out! It is 'double time'.

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Thank you :) your kind words are much appreciated, as is the prompt delivery. I hope you're having a good day :)

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