Five Minute Freewrite: Mosquitoes

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Oh how I quiver with anxiety at today's prompt, but I'll give it a go.


I wonder they are self-aware. If they flap their little thin wings towards a destination and goal or if they forget where there going every 10 minutes and lose all mental control.

Empathizing with a pest is harder than I thought. Thinking about constantly feening for blood makes me a woozy and a bit distraught. If I dig down deep and try, maybe I could give it a better shot.

The lightness of a feather and a bzzz like a bee, flying about and drifting like a breeze through an oak tree. A keen sense of smell for a sweet treat (aka red meat). Always knowing what they want without truly realizing it, like an instinctual fate.

Actually more like a prophet, born to be without any desire to appose it or stop it. Oh those pesty mosquitos, I would probably suck blood too if it tasted like Cool Ranch Doritos.


A big thanks to @mariannewest for hosting this daily freewrite prompt for the 49th day! If you want to partake in the daily freewrites or see her original post with today's prompt you can see it here.

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Your attempt of empathizing is original and truly remarkable @mrslauren .. I don't know if it would be easier with a fly, probably yes. Nice perspective and..welcome to the freewriters zoo (I didn't see you before, maybe it's my fault :-)


Thank you very much! I'm pretty new to freewriting, so I have a lot left still to learn but it's been fun so far :)


Well, no need to learn a lot as it's one of the most spontaneous thing you can do here in steemit, it's basically a flow of thoughts put into words.. everytime comes to my mind James Joyce and his literary style. I guess that the best representer of this exercise of creativity and freedom is @improv (check his freewrites for an idea). I contradict all this in my freewites a bit, couse usually I try to put down some narrative ideas I had before..the good of this community however is that everyone does what they feel ad long as It help is free our creativity 😉

Just 5 minutes, you have nice idea

Great a moment @mrslauren,, but if you upvote me 100%,, i will share always your post,, and you can upvote also link below ..

You did it :) Some topics flow easier than others and every day is different too....