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RE: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. When Life Gives You Black Mold, Get the Hell Out!

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Oh wow, what a crazy story! I now understand why u can relate to my horror stories lately! Sounds like you really had a tough go at life for a while and with little kids along for the ride, hats off to u for keeping it all together when u lost everything. I really hope you do more storys about ur bus life, I find it rather inspiring to hear stories like this.. Im glad things are much better for u now, but Im sure u learned a lot about what is truly important in life during those hard times.. thanks for sharing, I cant wait to hear more..


Well if it helps, I really think we were very lucky that our marriage was so solid and that our kids were up for the adventure. We didn't treat it as a horrible thing at the time, just a reason to move on and the kids picked up on that. We had a wonderful adventure and it wasn't the first or the last huge upheaval we had in our lives. We just keep bouncing back and hoping that next time we don't have to bounce so far to get back on an even keel, because it DOES get tiring after a while!

Thanks for the support.

That is one thing we have realized too, our relationship is so much stronger than most and we have had eachother to lean on throughout all of this. I feel like most peoples relationships would fall apart if they had as much stress and bad luck as we have, but we just keep helping eachother through.
Since I have been to war twice I find this much easier of a situation than my fiance so I kind of see it as an adventure and try to get her to see it that way as well but she is from a family that never traveled or went camping or was out of their comfort zone ever so it has been much more difficult for her, which ultimately makes it much harder for me seeing her so sad and upset. I tried to get her to look at it from different perspectives to stay positive but that doesn't always work.. I think after 7 months of bouncing around she is over it so hopefully the next few years won't be so rough so we can regroup :)
I have really enjoyed all your comments and stories, thanks for always making me feel better when Ive had a bad day... It really helps alot! ;)

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