Blood red

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You are measured not by how you love, but by how others love you...that's why it hurts. Wait, is that right? Have I got that backwards? Your worth is measured not by how others love you, but by how you love others. Damn, that's messed up any way you look at it. The words like her thoughts swam through her mind.

Cheyenne grabbed the neck of the gin bottle and swung it around in circles above her head. The shower splattered down on her silk blouse. With the back of her hand she smudged her lipstick halfway across her cheek . She had no idea the phone was ringing. She danced to the window when she finally saw the black sedan in the driveway.

"Oh shit!" Cheyenne's jet black hair wound around her face as she turned to open the front door. "Well, you are as welcome as the flowers in May." She placed both arms around her visitor without spilling another drop.

"Hi mom." Maryland's face was flush. "Sorry to be a burden."

"Oh, hell no. C'mon in. Now I told you, you're welcomed any time darlin." Cheyenne placed a hot pink fingernail under her daughter's chin. "You are gorgeous!"

Cheyenne threw all ninety-seven pounds into her daughter one more time. "You sure are pretty." She looked like she might cry. She led her daughter to the tweed sofa and sat her down. She walked carefully to the closet and pulled out her high black boots.

"Now, I told ya I was going out." She flashed her bleach white teeth at her. "There's food in the fridge, I think. Well, there definitely something there."

Maryland clenched her jacket in her fist suddenly realizing she'd rather be anywhere else. She was going to find somewhere to stay as soon as her mother left. She chewed her tongue until it was blood red. She couldn't believe she thought for one minute she could be anywhere near her.

As she watched the tiny figure stumble out the door, her mother stopped for a moment. Maryland knew it didn't mean a thing. She didn't care and didn't tell her mother about the smear across her face either. This guy should see it coming, she thought bitterly.



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Really cool story, I could see it all, well put together scene.

I had fun with this. Thank you.

this is a great story!!!

I want to know more about the Mom.....

Thank you for that!!

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She's going to find her way into a larger story.

Oh that will be wonderful!!

Excellent story!

Thank you. I love, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane and Come Back Little Sheba. Women can be intensely flawed.

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