Day 866: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: picker

in #freewritelast year

What makes you the perfect picker? I was never a good picker, I would always never decide or was always unsure of my choice whenever I did decide. The only time I didn't think twice or more is if I was a hundred percent sure. Like if I were to write a test I would be sure about the choices given but when it came to choosing the right one I didn't quite know what to pick or having to choose one song in the car it is very unlikely with me because I'd be switching after every few seconds. However, I did come to realize that maybe it wasn't my picking skill but in fact, the chooses given were not any good if it were great than you would pick it right away at the same time without a doubt. Like when you love someone, you would do anything you can think for the person without question and that choice you have picked to love and those choices you do without even second-guessing. and I Know not one can say they don't think twice about two or three or many decisions they've made that was worth it. But that's life no one can pick perfectly for you but you and even you sometimes can't.



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