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RE: Easy 'How to' for @MarianneWest's Daily #freewrite Challenge

in #freewrite5 years ago

What a lovely piece and I wholeheartedly agree. Going to link it in tomorrow's prompt :) And thank you for your wonderful comment on the prompt post!


I am still upset so I wrote a whole post on what I woke up to this morning LOLLL :D

and I'm so happy you approve of this post! :D

Don't let that person upset you!! You had the perfect response to her. People like that are everywhere and it is best to ignore them. If they try to do harm - then we think of something else. But snook - you more than anyone knows that we are a family and we know that we have a good thing going...
Hugs, deep breath and let it go.
I like your permission to use this post in all prompts in the future.

Of Course, you have my permission!!!!!!!!! it's yours!!! :D

and I'm building us a pool and calming down loll don't worry I just HATE when people attack friends I love........ <3

nice pool!! Let's hang out there :)

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