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"You bitch'" he said.
She shrugged her shoulders and walked away. What did she care what he thought of her? He had called her a cold person before. Oh well. Now it had escalated to bitch.
Wait for it, she thought.
Before she finished her thought, she could hear him scream and whisper at the same time. No, that came out wrong. He had screamed so much at her that his voice was all rough and he couldn't scream loud anymore even though he tried. In his funny, loud, raspy whisper scream with all his heart put into this latest insult, she heard: " You cold fucking bitch."
Okay now. Things were finally clear.
Say it as it is - no. Not as it is. Say what you feel and make it so easy to walk away.
So easy to walk away from this man she had loved so deeply that her eyes didn't see and her ears didn't hear who he was.
It has taken such a long time... That thought kept coming up over and over and over.
With every step away from the excuse of a man, she was wondering why? Why had it taken so long? So long to make that decision that was so easy now.
Walk away.
Don't look back.
Keep your ears shut - this time to not hear any more bitch insult versions hurled at herself.
Easy, she thought.
Keep on walking.
A smile started to spread over her face.

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Wow! Wow!!
Looks like you are back with a vengeance!! ;p

Hahaha. Just am having a bit of time. I still need to figure out how to be most effective. And to balance all the aspects of my life. We shall see.

Are you ready for your trip? ❤️


More or less
The important bits are done
I am a light traveller/simple traveller.. and a last minute packer
I will get around to it this weekend... I hope haha

I was just talking to The Hubs yesterday about you and how I won't be seeing you at BKK and if he would send me to the States hahaha
hmmmmm, maybe Steem will bring me there ... soonish :D

Let's hope!! Either brings you here or me there.

After all is said and done, I am sad that I am missing Steemfest and meeting everyone, but I am also a bit exhausted. And sometimes, it is hard to really connect when there are sooooo many people.

If all goes well, more travel will be in my future :)

And I am a last-minute packer too :)

I can imagine
All the travelling and the visitors
And of course dudes and dudess :D

and now 50k words in a month...

We will meet for sure ❤️❤️❤️

Wow, great Freewrite @mariannewest. Great to see you getting one in early, as I haven't even done mine yet. 👍

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You are the midnight poster 😜

Almost midnight tonight 😁

It's a great story, because the cold person is the one calling her a bitch. She love him passionately, and he didn't return that love. In the end, she wasn't cold.
She was indifferent.

Thank you so much 😊

No woman should be treated that way without clear justification. The person who did it is really sick.

True. Nobody should be treated like this. Good thing this is fiction 😜

She was brave... She is free.

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Yes!!! 😀

Nice!! And good for her, glad she got out. No one deserves such treatment. As for him... well he can give his voice a rest and shut the heck up lol. :D

He should shut up and save his voice 🤣

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I just had to read that. Lol. The title catch my attention my dear. Nice one.

hahaha - Yes. A good title. Short and sweet - well, not sweet 😂

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I'm going to leave the prompt on your Freewrite, just because I can. 😁


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Nice! Powerful. I like how she reclaims herself at the end.

You know I relate to this post and it's so incredible how long it may take but be careful what you define someone as. One day they may just own that title and realize who they are listening to! Excellent!

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Thank you!! don't know where it came from but I am not going to question where the freewrite takes me LOL

That's the best kind of writing to me! Welcome ❤.

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Unfortunately, this freewrite brought my daughter to mind. She has put up with 'way too many physically and verbally abusive men for 'way too long. Once again, she needs to walk away and start smiling.

I hope she will!!

You go girl, girlpower ! Great story and the compliment was for the leading lady in the story

😀 thank you 🙏


Although one can be a cold bitch, "bitch" isn't a logical continuation of "cold." Cold is more a reference to a temperament while "bitch" is a more of a character trait.

It'll be interesting to expand this freewrite to a full-fledged story where a reader can make their own judgment of what went on.