The Importance of Brand Names {Day 152: 5 Minute Freewrite}

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Day 152: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: brand

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Just how important are brand names to you?

I will admit, that I have found some loyalty with certain brands and don’t like to purchase the generic or store brands of these items.

Take, for example, boxed macaroni and cheese. Or just sliced cheese, for that matter. Both should always be Kraft! Sometimes, I do eat other brands but if I am in the one in the store doing the shopping, I always go for my favorite brand.


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Mayonnaise is something else that should always be Kraft!

Oh, and for my phone cases, I always choose Otterbox. There are many other options out there, but I feel like Otterbox offers the most protection for my phone - which I do not want to have to replace due to damage!


For other items, however, I think the store brand works just fine. Usually, the generic brand is cheaper too, so it lowers my overall expenses each month to go for the store brands. Sometimes you may be sacrificing quality a little, but the discount you get from buying the cheaper brand can cancel that right out!

Coupons are a great way to still stick with your favorite brands without breaking the bank. I don’t get all into couponing as I used to, but I will sometimes browse the Internet for coupons before I head out to the store. That way, I don’t feel so guilty about my brand loyalties — that may require me to pay more for something than I necessarily have to!

Luckily, I don't have a ton of brand loyalties. That makes me more flexible when it comes to shopping and budgeting!


Always trying something new, I decided to participate in today's 5-Minute Freewrite Prompt, given by @mariannewest!


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Great first freewrite @keich , welcome to the group !!

Really consumers become much loyal to certain brands and they literally hate buying others . I'm a huge fan of Apple and I doesn't even roll my eye to look for others . Coupons really is a strategy to make consumers get more connected to the respective brand .

Oh yes, I am a total Apple fan here too. I don't consider other brands for phones or computers.

Welcome to freewrite! It's great fun! I enjoyed your discussion of brand name products. I am particularly fond of Tillamook cheese, which is available in my area. It's so much better than the house brands! But I purchase Fred Meyer house brand mayo and "salad dressing" because they don't contain high fructose corn syrup. Last time I checked, Kraft does, at least the Miracle Whip. And I've been buying Bisquick instead of house brands because it contains no dairy, and I have a family member who is allergic to dairy. Other than that, I don't get too picky about brands.

Yeah that is a downside of Kraft, but it's just too delicious! I need to make better choices though. Thanks for mentioning the other brands for me to check out!

When we lived in Minnesota, I liked Land O'Lakes dairy products. I don't often see them out West, and when I do, they are ridiculously overpriced.

Very nice first freewrite, welcome once again! It's really an interesting topic, I used to be quite loyal to certain brands until they really disappointed me with severe decline in product quality and very poor customer service. Just to explain: I live in Germany, and "customer service" here doesn't even mean that you get an answer, let alone an answer that is related to your actual problem. I still appreciate good quality though and fair company policies, and in those cases I'm happy to support a certain brand or company.

Welcome to freewrite @keciah! Glad you are part of the cool kids club now :)

I know I fall victim to getting attached to a brand far to often. Since traveling abroad for extended periods of time I have had to re-frame my idea of what the ideal brand is because often you can not find the same as what you would in the US. It's amazing how these companies are able to get into our subconscious and hold on for dear life. Enjoy the freewrites of the future. I will try to stop by as often as I can to see what you have come up with :)

Your first freewrite is greater than my 8th freewrite... Hahaha. Thats for truth..

But, I am enjoying my self, i see i got improvements as time goes by. I hope to read more freewrites from you.

Xoxo 😄😄😄

This is a fantastic free write @keciah. I also use branded items only, specially for shoes.

I have tried to break away from corporate brands myself because I just seem to have a rebellious nature lol and the off brands are usually much cheaper. 😉

If the truth were told, many of the off brands are probably made at the exact same facility as the name brands, the only difference is a slight change in the recipe or ingredients/additives. 😮

I don’t use supermarkets myself, but I do always patronise the same farmer’s market which is sort of the same thing!
A thousand welcomes to our happy band of free writers. This is your friendly prompt deliverer here with today’s challenge:

Oh yes if I have extra cash that month I will go for my loyalty brand - same - Kraft. But if have lesser, the store brands will do. Perhaps that how most mamas manage the cash 😊

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