Master of the Universe!

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'You remember mom, when I was little and you took me to the movies......with popcorn and everything.
We went to see that dude on the flying carpet........all that mushy music and Disney stars floating about? Oh man I was completely taken in.
I grew up to be embarrassed by the "other world feeling" I had then.
Was I three mom? or maybe 4? Surely not!
Just a baby!

But today I flew..........really flew mom, I was at one with the elements,' he hushed his voice so that no one else would hear him.
'Ah mom, you can't begin to imagine the ecstasy,' he savoured the grown up word for a moment, 'the magic,' he grimaced at the use of such a kid's word.

'Hard to describe really - impossible actually. But mom it was an "out of body" experience.
I hovered up there like a helicopter without the noise............ I was superman, batman all those flying bulldust heroes.......I left the real world and floated way above.
I was a master of the universe.'

He eased himself in his hospital bed and ruefully looked at the cage over his lower left leg,

'Worth it mom,' he sighed as the medication took him into a world of drugged forgetfulness of the pain.



Thank you for my first serious smile, even a snigger SO early in my new day!
I'm going to check you out!

Thank you for my first serious smile, even a snigger SO early in my new day!
I'm going to check you out!
What's happening popcorn?
I've read lots about your problems,

Still funny!
Thanks for visiting! What about a post?

Yeah, it's hard to say whether it's worth it or not. Human life is very vulnerable. It only seems that you are the master of the Universe. People confuse individual human life with collective human life.

On the other hand, much of human life goes as in gray monotonous everydayness.
And when you look back at those days they all collapse into nothing. A person only remembers those bright emotional moments when he feels like the master of the universe. )))

Gray is the colour against which splashes of colour show most vividly.
Gray is the colour of the humdrum -like waiting in a long queue (line) and then the baby looking at you over its mother's shoulder beams a smile at you and your day takes flight.

Yeah. Maybe for women baby's smile is a big deal. Men are programmed differently. )))

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