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The first thing I think of is Chicago, which is what Gotham City is based on to some extent, right? That's my assumption as they both have big problems and have had big problems for so many years. They're both very dark and they're both not the Metropolis, AKA New York City (NYC).


Where is Batman? Would you rather have Dexter Morgan of that HBO show named Dexter? I would rather have Batman. I watched all eight seasons of Dexter and I am very into that story but I still prefer how Batman does things. Can we have Kaitlin Bennett, the Liberty Hangout Girl, or Soph, as a super hero? I like her. I like these ladies. I like people who can be strong. Kaitlin is a strong woman. We don't want weak women. Power to the women, right? I believe in self-defense. I believe in the first and second amendment in America.

Gotham City

When I think about this city, I start to feel cold. I see rain and darkness. My mind goes back to the animated cartoon television show of Batman from the early 1990's in America. I love the music from that cartoon. I like that Gotham is mysterious. I love the Gotham live-action show on Fox which just ended this year in 2019. I prefer Gotham over Batwoman. I love the older version of Catwoman from Gotham over the new Batwoman that is coming.

Big Cities

I lived in Portland, Oregon, from 2008-2011, and I loved it. I was born in 1985 and grew up about 20 miles outside of Portland (PDX). So, I love Portland, keep it weird lol. I visited New York City for New Years 2005 and I lived near Albany. I enjoyed visiting Seattle earlier this year with my brother and as a family. I enjoyed visiting San Francisco in 2010. My favorite big city might have been Saigon where I lived from 2013-2017. I like Vietnam. But I think I still prefer smaller cities over larger ones. I like farms and gardens and everything. It is better that way. But yeah, big cities are great for networking, for meeting new people, especially when you are younger. But as you get older and older, your priorities and goals and everything can change. Yeah, you can do what you want. So, your goals and everything does not have to change. But generally speaking, it can change. It can be better to live out in the woods for a bunch of reasons. So many reasons.

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Kaitlin Bennett . org

@mariannewest - Day 574: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: Gotham city

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You’ve travelled a lot. The graduate with the gun strapped on her back is a scary reminder of how scary big cities can be.

True dat.

Seriously, your interpretation amazes me at the indepth infor you pulled out from it.

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What is spindle? Does that have something to do with spinning fake news or the guy that spinned hay into gold, mister Humble Goat Skin? Thanks.