The search (Freewrite Day 104)

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The security guard finished searching the man in front and motioned for Lewis to step forward.

It was inside the pack of cigarettes.

He dropped his briefcase and raised his hands. The guard looked at him and down at the briefcase. “Open it,” the guard said. His English sounded like French.

Lewis quickly lifted the briefcase and opened it.

The guard used a finger to shift a paper, revealing a brown envelope beneath. Then he waved Lewis through.

Relief. Lewis closed the briefcase and started walking, still acting calm. His mind was already on the next obstacle when he heard the guard say, “Stop,” loudly.

He stopped. He looked back. The guard motioned for him to come.

His heartbeat accelerated as the guard’s hands made contact with his jacket. The guard searched as if he was certain Lewis had something on him.

He waved Lewis through again.

As Lewis walked toward the building, he glanced down at the cigarette pack in his left hand. Holding it in plain sight was a damn good idea.

A 5-minute freewrite. Thanks to @marriannewest.
Day 104. Prompt: cigarettes

Image source: Pexels


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